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Healthy lunch in 5 minutes

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Godmorning lovelies, I’m just stopping by with a tip for a healthy, quick lunch. I know this isn’t exactly anything groundbreaking, but I thought I would share it anyway since I think we all struggle with inspiration from time to time and we certainly all know what it’s like to be in a hurry when making lunch. The best part about this lunch is that one half is avo sandwiches which will probably always be completely epic and the other half tastes like dessert! Haha it’s healthy, but tastes like dessert – does it get any better? :D

  • Toasted wholewheat bread with mashed avocado, lemon juice and salt + pepper
  • Toasted wholewheat bread smeared with skyr/greek yoghurt drizzled with a little acacia honey and topped with slices of fresh strawberry
  • Toasted wholewheat bread drizzled with a little honey and topped with banana slices and cinnamon

I also had strawberries, blueberries, red bell pepper, carrot sticks and cucumber sticks on the side :)


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