Berry vanilla chia jam

Strawberry caprese bruschetta

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Strawberry season is pretty much completely over here in Denmark so I have been eating all the strawberries I could get my hands on lately, because while it will still be possible to get foreign strawberries almost all year, there is nothing quite like Danish strawberries.

One of the dishes I have been making with the strawberries are these fresh and summery strawberry caprese bruschetta – a good mix of two of my favorites, but with a little twist.

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All you need to make these strawberry bruschetta are strawberries, basil, fresh mozzarella, balsamic vinegar and whatever bread you prefer – I used a wholegrain baguette that I toasted lightly in the oven before making the bruschetta. Enjoy!

I got the inspiration to make these from the lovely PDXfoodlove.

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