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Friday Favorites – All things chocolate

 photo 5aacfd01-2768-49b6-8f93-d8294db3e455.jpg
Raw chocolate cake – recipe here!

Hello lovelies, I hope you have all had an amazing week and are ready for an even better weekend! I want to introduce you to a new weekly series called `Friday Favorites´ where I each friday will share some of my favorite recipes from the blog with you. They will always be centered around a certain theme and this time it will be dedicated to all things chocolate, yum! I got the idea to do this because I always get requests to create recipes that are extremely similar to something that I have actually already posted –  I know this is partly due to the lack of a recipe index, but I am working on that and I hope to have one ready soon – so I thought this would be a good way to revisit my favorite recipes, both old and new. I hope you like the idea, now let’s bring on the chocolate party, enjoy!

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Chia chocolate pudding – recipe here!

 photo 988d14e3-05f4-40d1-a05f-51dd77dc6fbb.jpg
Raw chocolate with nuts and dates – recipe here!

 photo ac4dd3c5-cd48-4dce-a89d-e8f156ffde85.jpg
Chocolate mini pancakes – recipe here!

 photo c06fecad-21f5-4795-bb98-75bafed67bc1.jpg
Raw cherry chocolates – recipe here!

 photo a77ac8aa-f437-4840-84c7-13f998993a07.jpg
Chocolate hazelnut “nutella” balls – recipe here!

 photo e2fe7584-4489-4ffc-a943-6c26f76f0f6c.jpg
Chocolate covered almonds with raspberry hats – recipe here!

 photo 34ace024-7240-4165-bd8f-53d2138cbcb8.jpg
Chocolate crunch granola – recipe here!


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