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Pancake breakfast pizzas

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Okay, I might as well just start by saying that no, these do not have much to do with actual pizzas – they are more like a healthy, fruity breakfast version of pizzas, kinda. Haha as you probably have noticed by now I am absolutely awful at abusing food terms, but I just can’t help it – pancake pizzas sounds much better than pancakes topped with a whole bunch of stuff, right?! :D

Anyways, I love to eat my pancakes like this since it allows me to just pile on the toppings (in my world there is no such thing at too many toppings!) and I think they look super cute as well, which is always a big plus in my book. I hope you like them, enjoy!

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Ingredients – 4 pancakes:
2 eggs
1 banana
1/2 cup oats
2 teaspoons chia seeds
1/4 teaspoon baking powder
1/2 teaspoon organic vanilla powder
1 teaspoon maca – optional (I use this one – affiliate link)

Coconut oil to cook the pancakes in

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  1. Add all the ingredients to a blender and pulse until smooth
  2. Heat a non-stick pan – I prefer to make them on medium to high heat – and add a little coconut oil. When the oil has melted pour a circle of the pancake batter onto the pan, I used about 3 tablespoons per pancake
  3. Cook the pancake for about a minute or two until it is golden brown on the underside – flip it – and give it about a minute on the other side. The cooking time depends on how thick you make your pancakes
  4. When you are done with the pancakes it is time for the toppings. For the “pizza sauce” I used this recipe, but with strawberries instead, and then I just topped it with a mix of different fruits and berries, enjoy!

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