Warming chili soup

Friday Favorites // Healthified classics

 photo 7528b104-c39f-4fe4-b1e6-fe8ef9e4b036.jpg
Spicy falafel burger – find the recipe here!

Hello lovelies, it is time for another `Friday Favorites´ and this week it is dedicated to healthified classics. I absolutely love burgers, fries pizzas etc. and I gladly indulge in them every now and then, but since they are not exactly super healthy or nutritious I am a big fan of experimenting with healthified versions as well. I know you guys are big fans of these healthified classics too because none of my other posts have anywhere near as many views, so I think it is time to bring back some old favorites from the archives – you can find the links underneath the pictures, enjoy!

 photo b3dde65e-5f48-4ff5-8df3-450e7478a611.jpg
Broccoli crust pizza – find the recipe here!

 photo c9e15893-f461-4459-9895-ed643ebcbcfc.jpg
Healthy, fluffy pancakes – find the recipe here!

 photo ff80d2b5-4a36-4617-b20a-6f664467b365.jpg
Spicy sweet potato fries – find the recipe here!

 photo 1616356a-50bb-4241-a034-2e45e06d38fd.jpg
Raw chocolate cake – find the recipe here!

 photo 40d3d0e5-146c-41a5-b94f-14f1569be18b.jpg
Almond pancakes – find the recipe here!

 photo 889d9920-2835-43ea-b07a-702b7e39cb3a.jpg
Sweet potato crust pizza – find the recipe here!


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  • Monique Ulrich

    Hi lovely! I visit your instagram page almost every day, to look for new recipes and new foods that I can make! I absolutely adore your blog and instagram and everything. I am very big into my fitness and you are inspiring me to push further and to be more creative! I just want to say that you have my 110% support with everything you do. You are such a wonderful lady and I would love to win your first giveaway to get further into my fitness and try new foods as I love doing. I have also followed your Facebook and Bloglovin page :) My fingers(and toes) are crossed and I cannot wait to hear who the winner is! Keep your head up girl xoxo Love Monique :)

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Warming chili soup