Healthified no-bake brownie bites

Instagram recommendation // The indulgent ones

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Linda Lomelino // Insta // Blog

Linda Lomelino is a Swedish photographer, stylist and the very talented woman behind the instagram @linda_lomelino and the blog – if you do not already follow her then you need to check her out asap! Linda is one of my biggest inspirations when it comes to food styling and photography. Her photos and styling are always absolutely flawless and her cakes are some of the most beautiful creations I have seen so far.

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Anne au Choclat // Insta // Blog

Anne is a fellow Dane, a self-confessed chocoholic and probably the biggest chocolate lover I have ever come across. Her instagram account and blog are dedicated to all things chocolate and she continues to amaze me with all her mouthwatering creations. If you are a chocolate lover as well (who isn’t?!) then you should definitely follow this talented lady, but I warn you, Anne’s delicious creations will be able to tempt even the most strong willed of us, so do not spend to much time looking through her instagram if you are on a diet ;)

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La Gallette // Insta // Blog

La Gallette is run by only 17 (!!) year old Zainab from Sydney, Australia. On her instagram @lagallette Zainab shares the most beautiful desserts that are always impeccably photographed and styled. This young teen definitely knows what she is doing, and when someone finally gives this talented girl a cookbook deal, then I will be the first in line.


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