Kale salad with quinoa, apple, pomegranate and feta

Quick breakfast ideas for early mornings

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I have gotten quite a few requests for some quick breakfast ideas for those mornings where there isn’t quite time for pancakes or fancy smoothie bowls, so I thought I would share my go-to breakfasts for when I am in a hurry.

In the pictures you see my favorite breakfast for time-strapped early mornings, I might have prettied it up for the pictures, but this breakfast bowl of skyr really is as simple as can be and you can always just use whatever toppings you have available. Skyr is an icelandic dairy product that is low in fat and high in protein, but it can be a bit hard to find outside scandinavia, so it can easily be subbed for quark, greek yoghurt or soy/coconut yoghurt if vegan. Try to stick to the natural ones instead of the flavored ones as they are usually full go sugar and unnecessary additives – if you do not like it plain then you can mix in a little liquid stevia or acacia honey for sweetness.

For toppings I like to add sliced banana, chia seeds, fresh berries, almonds, homemade muesli or whatever I have available that morning. I usually stick to 2-3 toppings to save time and it really doesn’t take much more than 2 minutes to pour some skyr into a bowl, chop a banana and top it with a handful berries or other toppings or choice. It is quick, tasty, healthy and surprisingly filling!

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Other ideas for quick breakfast recipes:

A big smoothie – you can even drink it on the go!
Pink raspberry bliss smoothie
Energy boosting smoothie
The green superfood smoothie

Chia puddings – you can make them the night before so they are ready to eat in the morning, it does not get much easier than that!
Acai chia pudding
Layered chia pudding with vanilla and berry flavor 

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