Avocado grilled sandwich with basil, feta, spinach and balsamic vinegar

Spicy sweet potato nachos with vegan cashew sour cream

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Hi lovelies! I hope you are having an amazing weekend? If there’s some of you out there that has a hangover then this one is for you! Let me introduce you to the perfect hangover cure aka. sweet potato nachos with lots of amazing toppings! :D If you do not have a hangover then this is for you as well, because this is pretty much the best thing ever! Seriously you have to try it, it is one of my favorite junk foods in a slightly healthier version and in my opinion it actually tastes even better than the original! I can’t take much credit for the idea or the recipe though as I was inspired by the super talented Two Peas and Their Pod – make sure you check out their blog for more amazing recipes!

I have posted a link to the recipe below + my alterations and my recipe for vegan cashew sour creme.

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I have to give full credit for the recipe for these yummy sweet potato nachos to the amazing Two Peas and Their Pod. I used this recipe and pretty much followed it completely, except for the fact that I sliced the sweet potatoes very thin with my mandolin to make them extra crisp, used a bit more oil and then I added a lot of spices (chili, paprika, ground cumin, sea salt and powdered garlic) before putting them in the oven. I also made my own vegan cashew sour cream to top it with and it turned out so good! You can find the recipe for the sour cream below.

If it wasn’t for the fact that I am trying to stay away from dairy at the moment (skin problems) and that I am not super keen on vegan cheese, then I would probably be making this every week as my weekend feast! Haha yes it is really that good, I am obsessed! :D

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Cashew sour cream
1/2 cup cashews
2 teaspoons applecider vinegar
1 tablespoon lemon oil
A pinch of salt
A little garlic powder
A little almond or rice milk

Soak the cashews in water overnight or for at least 2-3 hours. Drain the cashews and add them to a mini chopper blender or food processor along with the rest of the ingredients, only add very little almond milk at first. Pulse until smooth, taste and adjust the flavors to your liking, add more milk if needed. It will keep in the fridge for a couple of days.

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  • Wauw, hvor ser det bare lækkert ud. Har tilfældigvis et par søde kartofler, som skal bruges, så vil da helt sikkert få prøvet det her (:

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    • amillionmiles

      Tusind tak Camilla! Det er virkeligt bare så lækkert, jeg har drømt om endnu en portion siden jeg lavede det i fredags :D

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