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Friday Favorites // Something new

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Hello lovelies! As some of you might have noticed I didn’t do a ‘Friday Favorites’ post last week, it wasn’t because I forgot about it, but because I felt like it was time to switch it up and come up with something new. I know I have already changed the content of my ‘Friday Favorites’ once before, but I keep evolving as a blogger and lately I have been wanting to make this more of a lifestyle blog as well. My main focus will always be on food and health, but I just think it would be fun to add a bit of a more personal touch as well. So, from now on my ‘Friday Favorites’ will be all about my favorite little things and moments from my life in the previous week. I think it will be a fun way for me to make the blog a bit more personal and share something other than recipes. My plan is to make it a lot more candid and also bring my camera with me when I go out to capture some precious everyday moments. I hope you like the idea, let me know what you think <3

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One of this weeks absolute favorites are my beautiful new watch gifted to me by Daniel Wellington. I am completely in love with it and I haven’t taken it off since I got it :D I chose this model since my wrists are very petite and it fits perfectly. I also got a discount code for you lovelies, use amillionmiless to get 15% off your next purchase. The code is valid until march 31st.

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First taste of summer // I really try not to buy strawberries when they are out of season, but 1.) I often need them to shoot for some of my freelance foodie jobs 2.) I am weak and really freaking love strawberries. I could smell these beauties as soon as I stepped into the supermarket and I just knew that I had to get them. They were so good, a little preview (pre-taste?) of summer, I seriously cannot wait for berry season and going home to my parents and eat all their homegrown goodies <3

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As you might have noticed on my instagram, I am a little obsessed with Calvin Klein underwear and specially this model – it is seriously the comfiest underwear ever!! I just added another pair in grey to my collection and I just know that I will have to get a pair in black as well next month. I mean underwear that is both super stylish and comfy at the same time?! Count me in! The quality is great as well. I bought mine in a store here in Copenhagen, but you can buy it here, herehere, here and here as well.

The necklace was a christmas present from my sister and it is pretty much the only one I wear these days, I love how simple it is and it pretty much goes with everything. The fact that it was a gift from my sister just makes it extra special <3

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A picture from my sister and I’s “little” donut party this weekend. Haha I definitely had an off weekend health wise, I got a little (cough a lot cough) too drunk, partied my ass off and ate a bunch of junk food to cure my hangover… a hangover that might have lasted two days, someone is getting old ;)

I posted this picture on my instagram as well with my thoughts on eating unhealthy and cheat days, the post was very popular and surprising to some, so I thought I would share the caption here as well:

“I often get asked whether I eat 100 % healthy or if I have cheat days. My answer is no to both. I definitely do not eat healthy all the time, but I don’t have cheat days either, I am not a big fan of calling it that and I hate restrictions and “forbidden foods”. If I want to have a pizza or eat a ton of candy (moderation and I have never been friends) once in a while, then I will do that and it isn’t something that I feel guilty about. I usually only post pictures of healthy food on here, but that doesn’t mean that I always eat like that, I am just trying to keep this a place for healthy inspiration. The donuts are from this (drunken) weekend, a donut shop opened on our street and I just discovered that I like donuts, the struggle is real :P”

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A jar full of happiness, motivation and inspiration // I got inspired by a post on tumblr to make this jar filled with some of my favorite quotes to cheer me up and motivate me on bad days. I have collected a lot of my favorite quotes in a little notebook and so I wrote the best ones on colorful notes of paper and put them in a mason jar. If I have a bad day I pick a piece of paper and read the quote, it might seem silly, but it actually works quite well and it usually leaves me with a smile on my face and newfound motivation.

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I am beyond excited that 7/11 in Denmark now have fresh salads, ginger shots and fresh pressed juices from Palæo!! And at super reasonable prices!! Haha I am not getting paid to write about this, but seriously you all need to go buy this stuff because it is my new go to meal when I am in a hurry (aka. when I am too lazy to make a proper meal myself) and I need it to be a success so they keep selling it! I live just two minutes away from two different 7/11’s (the joy of living in the heart of Copenhagen, almost makes up for all the noise), so I know I am going to be buying this stuff wayy too often :D

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  • Such a nice blogpost with lovely stuff!
    I have the ‘eat pretty’ book too and I really like it, even though I haven’t finished it yet. But it looks so pretty haha, so it’s really nice to have around.
    I am in love with the stuff in your pictures! Nice :).

    Siden  ·  Svar på kommentar
    • amillionmiles

      Thank you so much Sanne, I’m glad you like it! Haha I haven’t finished it yet either, I have picked it up so many times, but I am super easily distracted :P

      Siden  ·  Svar på kommentar
  • Where do you buy your mason jars? I’ve been looking everywhere and can’t find any stores that have them.

    I love the salads at 7/11 too but I find the dressing in the one with the beef so ‘mustardy’. But the chicken one is really tasty! They need to bring out a few more varieties soon :D

    Tess (a fellow Dane lifestyle blogger ;) )

    Siden  ·  Svar på kommentar
    • amillionmiles

      Hi Tess, I bought mine in Netto and Søstrene Grene, but you should be able to find the in most stores that sells kitchen supplies – I have seen them in Imerco, Kop og Kande, Illum’s boligafdeling, Jysk and Ilva :)

      Ah I really love the mustard dressing, haha and I haven’t tried the chicken one yet because I am not too keen on pesto dressing ;) Yes I really hope that they are going to mix it up and maybe make new salads every two months or so :)

      Siden  ·  Svar på kommentar

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