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Q&A pt. 1 // Blogging – my journey + best tips and advice

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I want to start out by thanking you lovelies for all your amazing and sweet comments and emails, it makes me so happy and proud that you like what I do and that so many of you are joining me on this journey. Much love to all of you <3

Since I got quite a lot of questions and since many of them requires long replies to be answered properly then I have decided to split up the Q&A into 2 parts. I have also tried to combine a bunch of your questions since most of you emailed me some very similar ones.

What advice would you give to novice bloggers?

Hmm even though I have been blogging for a year I still feel like a total newbie, but my best advice would be to just do it! I wanted to start a blog for years before I actually got around to do it. I just kept putting it off because of self-doubt and wanting it to be perfect. Many bloggers often give the advice that you should have a full concept, a game plan, buy your own domain etc. before even starting your blog and while I do think that this would indeed be great and very helpful, then I really do not find it necessary at all. I just started out with a simple blogspot blog, a free simple layout and kinda without any plan other than making the blog a place to share my healthy recipes. You don’t need to have your whole concept sorted out, just get started and you will slowly find your voice, your blog can grow and evolve into whatever you would like it to. With that being said, you should probably have some notion of what type of blog you’d like to start, a food blog, fashion blog, lifestyle blog etc. so your blog will have some form of consistency and not seem all over the place for potential readers.

Also, the most important thing about blogging is that it should be fun, it is only a lucky few that are actually able to make a living on blogging, so I wouldn’t recommend starting one unless you would still do it even though you might not make any money on it.

Another very important thing (especially as a food blogger) is to invest in a good camera, it doesn’t have to be expensive, they make a lot of quite affordable dlsr these days and you can find some good deals on used ones as well. I use an old Nikon D60 with a 50 mm lens and while it isn’t perfect, it gets the job done and most of the less amazing shots on here are probably a result of my lacking knowledge when it comes to photography and not the quality of the camera ;) Good quality photos are super important if you want your blog to grow, many big bloggers have stated that they noticed a large increase in followers when they started improving their photography skills and upgraded from grainy iphone photos. Good photos are just way more appealing to the eye and your potential new readers.

Last, but not least, you need to be patient. I will take a longtime  to build your blog and gain a large following. It can be a bit discouraging to spend so much time on your blog to only get very few visits, but be persistent and it will pay off. Remember that many of the big bloggers have been doing it for 5+ years.

For great advice to new bloggers I would really recommend you to check out the very successful blogger Noor from Queen of Jet Lags, she have written a whole series of great blog posts with advice to new bloggers. She is a fashion blogger, but I think her tips are useful for all types of bloggers and I have personally learned quite a bit from her posts. Find all her blog tips right here!

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How has your journey been in getting this many followers and when did it really start to take off?

It all started with my instagram that I started almost two years ago, it wasn’t really meant to be anything other than a place to share my journey regarding my lifestyle change and keeping myself motivated to stick with it. I quickly started to gain quite a lot of followers, but it really took off last year in January when my follower count kinda exploded. It motivated me to start this blog, where I could share my recipes and write more in depth posts. It takes a long time to build a successful blog (unless you’re one of the lucky few with overnight celeb blog status) and I am still just a small blogger, but I am very proud of everything I have accomplished so far. The blog is my little creative outlet and I just love watching it grow and connecting with all you amazing readers from all over the world. It is quite crazy that I am now able to make money on my little hobby + it has also giving me the opportunity to work freelance as a food writer and recipe creator, I never dreamed of anything like this when I first started my amillionmiless instagram account almost two years ago!

Advice on starting a blog about healthy life and getting followers?

Be authentic, truthful, hardworking and patient. It takes a long time to build a successful blog and it will sadly not happen overnight.

My best advice on how to gain followers would be to use social media, especially instagram, but also pinterest, Facebook, bloglovin and tumblr. All of them are a very effective way to get noticed and gain followers, but also to drive traffic to your blog. I have written two posts about instagram with all my best tips, tricks and advice – find them right here: part 1 on photography and content and part 2 on how to get noticed and gain more followers.

Another way to get noticed and gain followers is to do guest posts on other blogs, I have done this a couple of times and it gave me a nice amount of new followers each time. How to actually land a guest spot on another blog is a little tricky though, I was asked by the blogger to do the ones I did, but you can always contact your fellow bloggers and pitch an idea for a guest post – BUT make sure it is relevant to their blog and followers. I have been thinking about letting some of my fellow bloggers do guest posts on here, so shoot me an email if it is something you’d like to do.

You can also submit your photos to sites like Tastespotting, Foodgawker or Finding Vegan if you are a food blogger or sites like LookBook etc. if you are a fashion blogger. They are a great way to get your blog out there and I always see a boost in visitors when my photos get featured.

Another effective, but time consuming (haha meaning I have never really gotten around to do this), way to gain followers is to leave comments on other bloggers posts – do NOT spam them though! If you leave a genuine comment that is relevant to the post, then it is very likely that not only the blogger, but also the blogger’s readers will check out your blog. Do not leave those annoying comments begging for new followers though, they will not get you anywhere. Leave a sweet, interesting and relevant comment and then you can leave your url in the bottom with a little invite for them to check out your blog if they’d like, or even better, find a discreet way to mention your blog that is actually relevant to the blogger and the blogpost.

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This is all for now lovelies! I hope you found my answers useful, stay posted for pt. 2 coming next week :D


  • Signe

    Hej Signe. Super fed blog du har her! Jeg faldt over den via costume. Jeg tænkte på hvor du mon har købt de små fine glas, som du har chia/hindbærsmoothie grød i? og hvor er det glas fra, hvor der er låg på og sugerør i? :-)

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    • amillionmiles

      Tusind tak! Glassene er vist egentlig sylteglas og der hører også nogle fine låg til, de er købt i Notre Dame på Nørregade. De har også en webshop – :)
      Glasset med låg og sugerør er fra House Doctor og er købt i Flint på Købmagergade :)

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