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Q&A part 2 // How to make money on blogging, getting freelance jobs, my diet – vegan, vegetarian? and more

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Hello lovelies, I am finally ready with the second and final part of my little Q&A! After I posted part 1 last month I received a lot of questions on how I actually make money on blogging, so I thought I would add it to this posts’ questions, even though the blogging related questions are otherwise answered in part 1 – find it right here!

How exactly is it that you make money on blogging?
Well, there are a lot of different ways to monetize your blog and I only use a few of them, so I will just share the 4 quite simple ways that I make money blogging with you – I think they are probably the most common ways to profit on blogging as well.

The most well know way to make money on your blog are by adding banners and ads. There are many ways to do this, but you can for example use Google AdSense, make deals about adds directly with the individual companies or you can join a blog network like I have, where they handle the adds and banners for you.

You can also make money on your blog by using affiliate links, where you earn a small percentage of each purchase made through your link. There are many different affiliate networks that you can join and many of them are specialized in certain things like food, fashion, children’s items for mommy bloggers etc.

Another way to make money blogging is to make sponsored posts in collaboration with different brands and companies, you could for example do a post where a superfood company pays you to create a recipe with one of their products as the main focus. Doing these sponsored posts can be a bit tricky though, it is important to stay authentic and honest, so you should never do collaborations with companies that doesn’t fit your blog and values and if you’re asked to review something then always be honest!

You can also earn money on different collaborations – if you are a fashion blogger you can be lucky enough to design a guest collection for a brand or maybe model one of their newest collections etc.

Oh and remember that you are obligated by law to make it completely clear to your readers when posts are sponsored (this also counts on instagram), when you use affiliate links etc. – hidden advertisement is illegal!

Are you really on a raw or vegetarian lifestyle? // Do you always eat raw/vegan food?
I was surprised at how many of you sent me this question or something similar. I am not raw, vegan or even vegetarian, which is something I thought I had always been quite clear about (I have mentioned it many times, it is in my about me section, many of my recipes aren’t raw or vegan and clearly have things like dairy products in them), but I guess I hadn’t made it as clear as I thought, so this is a great opportunity to set things straight :) I have never followed any specific diets or rules when it comes to what I eat. I am not a fan of labels or restrictions and if I should describe how I eat, I would say that I try to eat as healthy as possible (to me that means unprocessed preferably organic food and lots of fruit and veggies) with room for treats and unhealthy things every now and then as well. My diet is probably about 85 % plantbased, but I eat eggs, honey, some dairy products like skyr/greek yoghurt and every now and then I eat meat as well.

Do you have any tips on how to incorporate a vegan life style into “school-life”? I live in Sweden and I have a few months left of school and right now I’m a vegetarian, and there are vegetarian options at my school. But to be honest, it’s not very good and they don’t have any vegan options at all. I was thinking about eating vegan at home and try my best school. I also thought about brining my own food, and I did that once, and got the weirdest looks so I decided to not do it anymore.
Well I am not vegan or in school myself, but I will try answer anyway :) If I were you (and this is super easy to say I know) then I would just bring my own food and ignore their looks – they were probably just curious, maybe even a little jealous if you brought something delicious? I know it can be hard to stand out and that people can be quite mean, but if you are dedicated to a vegan lifestyle then the potential narrow-mindedness of others shouldn’t keep you from bringing your vegan food.

Good luck with it lovely, I hope your fellow students have an open and accepting mind, I do not see why you bringing your own food should ever be a problem :) ..and if all else fails then just say you have allergies or something and so you have to bring your own food ;)

Can you make some recipes that are vegan or vegetarian?
Actually, even though I am not vegan or vegetarian myself a lot of my recipes are, so you will already be able to find lots of both vegan and vegetarian recipes on my blog – I have actually only ever posted recipes with meat twice on here :) There are also many recipes that are completely vegan and the rest can usually very easily be made vegan, for example where I use honey you can use agave instead or where I use skyr/greek yoghurt you can easily just use coconut, oat or soy yoghurt.

I have been thinking about adding tags to the recipes to easily identify the vegan, vegetarian etc. recipes, but it is a lot of work and most of them are either both or very easy to make vegan, so I’m not really sure it would be worth the effort? If it is something you would like then I will definitely look into it though :)

What do you think about vegetarian or/and vegan food?
I think it’s great, most of my meals are vegetarian and many of them are vegan. I don’t ever see myself becoming a vegetarian or vegan, but my diet is probably 85% plant based and I plan on keeping it that way. I think plant based living is amazing for our planet, our health and the animals, which are unfortunately being treated in a way that I do not understand is even legal in this time and age.

How time do you use daily on food preparing? It must be time consuming when you’re a law student?
I actually do not spend that much time on food prepping, I mean I spend a lot of time in the kitchen because of the blog and my freelance jobs, but that also means that I always have a lot leftovers in my fridge, so I don’t have to spend as much time on my “regular” meals.

I know a lot of you are struggling with staying healthy because you feel like you do not have the time for it, I made this blogpost on how to stay healthy while living a busy life last year and while the recipes aren’t updated then I still think there are some great little tips and tricks in there.

Also, I haven’t yet shared this, but I am actually no longer a law student. I did get my bachelor’s degree, but I decided to drop out in februar before I could finish and get my masters as well. Life is simply too short to be doing something that makes you miserable. I will write a blogpost post on this soon and share some more about what my plans for the future are.

How did you start getting freelance jobs – did you contact people or did they contact you? Also who are you doing freelance work for?
It all started when I got contacted by Denmark’s largest fashion magazine Costume, they wanted me to join their team and create recipes for their online magazine. It was my first ever freelance job and I still work for them creating 4 recipes a month + sometimes some additional articles. The rest of my freelance jobs are actually all also some I got because they contacted me. I used to be a law student, which took most of my time and so I have never actually contacted anyone about freelance jobs myself since I really didn’t feel like I had the time for it. I am no longer a student, but I still have a lot of things on my plate, so I do not actively search out new freelance jobs at the moment, but I welcome the enquiries I get and it is a lot of fun to do new projects and actually be able to make money on my hobby. I have mostly done freelance jobs for different superfood/health food  companies creating recipes with their products + I have contributed recipes to meal plans and such.

If you are a food blogger and would like to start doing freelance jobs then I would recommend you to make a portfolio with your work and a description of your skills and services and then use it to start contacting potential clients. It might seem a bit scary at first and you might face rejection, but I know there is a large demand for (especially healthy) recipes at the moment. So if doing freelance foodie jobs is something you would like to do, then just get out there and show companies, magazines etc. your work and convince them why they should hire you! Just remember that your work is valuable and that you shouldn’t work for free, a link to your blog is not proper payment and if they think your work is good enough for them to use, then they should be able to find the money in their budget to pay you for it as well.

How much time do you spend daily on making recipes, taking photos, writing your blog etc.?
Ah it’s hard to say because it always varies a lot, some days I spend all day and work until 2 am. While other days I don’t spend any time on it at all. If I should guess how much time I on average spend on blogging, the A Million Miles social media (instagram, facebook, tumblr), making recipes, taking and editing photos, freelance jobs etc. then I would say that I probably spend 5-6 hours a day. It is a lot of time, but is something I love to do and of course it is also a source of income for me. Haha I am not exactly making the big bucks on this though (at all!), so don’t start doing it if your only motivation is to get all rich and famous ;)

What camera Setting do you usually use when taking photos? And what do you set it on when taking photos where the background is blurry?
The settings I use always varies depending on what I am shooting, the light etc. but the most important if you want the blurry background is the lens, I use a 50mm one.

I am still such a newbie when it comes to photography, I have relied on the auto mode for way too long, but I can really recommend Lindsay from A Pinch of Yum’s ebook on food photography. She knows wayyy more about these things than me and her book is super easy to understand and not full of super complicated technical terms like many photography books are.

What are your future plans and are they food-related?
Well, as I wrote above I have dropped out of law school and so I am still trying to figure out exactly what it is that I want to do. However, I can reveal that my sister and I are in the process of starting our own business (!!), I am super exited about the project and I can’t wait to share more with you lovelies, but we want to keep the details to ourselves for just a little longer.

Other than that I am of course planning to continue with the blog, work on freelance foodie jobs and I am dreaming of publishing a cookbook as well someday.

Another dream of mine, which is probably one of my biggest dreams yet, is to be able to move another country and experience life somewhere completely new. Right now NYC or LA is at the top of my list, I am leaning more towards NYC and my sister is cheering for LA – haha but neither of us have a drivers license so I really think NYC would be the best idea ;)

My biggest goal and dream is to be a total girl boss, haha still not completely sure of how, where or in what field though, but I dream to be independent and free while doing something I love, don’t we all?

And this is all for now, if you still have some unanswered questions or there is something that you would like me to collaborate on then just leave a comment or send me an email and I will get back to you asap!  


  • Cille

    Hej, jeg kunne godt tænke mig at høre lidt om dine tanker/overvejelser om, da du skulle starte din blog, hvorvidt du skulle skrive på dansk eller engelsk

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    • amillionmiles

      Hej Cille. Jeg synes faktisk aldrig rigtigt det var et valg jeg havde, da jeg startede min blog på baggrund af min instagram af samme navn, hvor langt størstedelen af mine følgere var fra andre lande end Danmark :) Jeg er rigtigt glad for at skrive på engelsk, da det åbner op for en langt større potentiel læserskare end hvis jeg skrev på dansk, men jeg har længe overvejet at finde en løsning, så min blog både står på dansk og engelsk :)

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