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7 healthified pancake recipes

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Pancakes are on of my absolute favorite things to have for breakfast, I mean they are beyond tasty – almost like dessert for breakfast – and it just feels like such a little everyday luxury to have the time spoil myself with a nice big stack of healthified pancakes! I love the not so healthy ones as well, both the american style pancakes and especially the swedish style pancakes that are more traditional here in Denmark, but we usually serve those for dessert and not breakfast. It is way too rare that I actually take the time to make pancakes for breakfast though (especially considering that I work from home), but hopefully this post will remind me to make those oh so tasty pancakes a little more often – haha I definitely know what I am having for breakfast tomorrow ;)

I know a lot of you lovelies out there are big pancake fans as well, so I have gathered 7 healthified pancake recipes from the blog for you to enjoy. Some of them are quite similar as I definitely have a soft spot for banana pancakes, but there should be something for everyone, enjoy!

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1.) Healthy pancakes with raspberry fluff – find the recipe right here!

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2.) Pancake breakfast pizzas – find the recipe right here!

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3.) Pink greek yoghurt pancakes – find the recipe right here!

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4.) Blueberry pancakes with lemon and vanilla – find the recipe right here!

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5.) Almond pancakes with berry sauce – find the recipe right here!

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6.) Chocolate mini pancakes with homemade chocolate sauce – find the recipe right here!

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7.) Fluffy, healthy pancakes – find the recipe right here!


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