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Juice for beginners + Popeye spinach juice recipe

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So last week I posted on instagram that I got this super cute pink box in the mail, it was a press package with Louisa Lorang’s new book `Juice for begyndere´ or in english `Juice for beginners´. In the box was also all the ingredients to make one of the super delicious (and good for you) juices from her book, the cutest paper straws and a gorgoues recipe card with the recipe for her `Skipper skræk` aka. `Popeye´ juice. I usually only rarely write about these things, but it was too cute and perfectly put together for me not to share. What I didn’t know was that a couple of hours after I posted the photo on instgram I received yet another package and this time it had a brand new Philips juicer (!!) in it – how crazy is that?! They did not only send me the first lovely package with the book and the ingredients, but also a juicer to make sure that I could actually use it. Definitely one of the best and most well thought through pr packages I have received.

I have been using both the book and the juicer for about a week now and I absolutely love both, so I thought I would do a little mini review + share the recipe for the Popeye juice.

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First, let me start out with the book. I sadly only think it is available in Danish, so the review will probably only be relevant for some of you, but I will double check whether it might be made available in other languages as well.

The book contains 50 juice recipes and I absolutely love how the book is divided into three different sections, where the first part is dedicated to sweet and fruity (almost dessert like) juices for those who are not quite used to juicing yet, but also as a great alternative to soda or dessert. In the second part the recipes contains more greens and veggies, but are still quite sweet and suitable for those who wants to ease into juicing. The third part is dedicated to juice recipes that are jam-packed with greens and veggies and are probably more appealing to the more hardcore juicers. I absolutely love that the recipes are categorized like this because I think it makes it perfect for juice beginner to start with the first sweet and fruity section and then slowly start working towards the greenies in the third section of the book.

The book is full of super tasty and simple (but still very creative, I had never thought of adding soaked almonds or vanilla to my juices for example) recipes + the pictures are absolutely stunning, which to me is always super important – I need to feel inspired and I most certainly do when I look through this book. If you are considering to jump on the juice wagon, then I can definitely recommend that you try this book. It really is perfect for beginners as the tittle says, but also for someone like me who juices quite often, but usually aren’t super creative with my juice ingredients ;)

Get the book right here!

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Popeye juice
1 lemon
250g spinach
15 g ginger
3 apples

Simply peel the lemon and the ginger and add them to the juicer along with the rest of the ingredients, juice them and serve the fresh juice right away – if you like you can add some ice cubes, enjoy!

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The juicer they sent me are this little beauty (you can also get it here) and while I haven’t had the opportunity to throughly test it yet, I can say that so far I am super happy with it! It quickly juices anything that I have thrown in it so far, also whole apples and lemons, and I find it fairly easy to clean. Haha I’m super lazy so I find all juicers to be a bit of a pain to clean, but this one is easier to clean than my old juicer, which is also from Philips (it is this model) and that one is supposed to be one of the easier ones to clean.

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  • Er kun lidt misundelig, jeg har ville hoppe med på juicevognen i så lang tid nu, men synes bare maskinerne er så dyre! Især når man er på SU ;)

    Hvis (når) jeg endelig får en maskine, må jeg helt sikkert få anskaffet mig hendes kogebog.


    Siden  ·  Svar på kommentar
    • amillionmiles

      Jeg føler mig også ret så heldig og forkælet! :D

      Jeg kan virkelig anbefale at anskaffe både juicer og bog, men ja det er desværre lidt af en investering på SU, men det kan eventuelt være et godt gaveønske? :)

      Siden  ·  Svar på kommentar
  • Gittoh

    Ej det ser lækkert ud! jeg har i lang tid overvejet at få en juicer nu, jeg laver en masse smoothie selv og er træt af købe-juice. Og så er de jo heller ikke ligefrem altid sunde.
    Ved du om den du har modtaget her, er en Slow juicer? det har jeg hørt skulle være det bedste, men jeg kan ikke læse noget om det på de to links du har givet :)

    Siden  ·  Svar på kommentar
    • amillionmiles

      Tusind tak! Det er en centrifugal jucier, det står vist også i links’ne :) Hvorvidt en centrifugal juicer eller slow juicer er det bedste kommer an på hvad du skal bruge den til og dine behov, mange har begge slags juicere og skifter mellem dem alt efter formålet :)

      Jeg har skrevet en lille smule om hvorfor jeg også gerne vil have en slow juicer her:

      Siden  ·  Svar på kommentar

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