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Matcha chia pudding

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This super easy breakfast combines two of my favorite things – chia puddings (see all my chia pudding recipes here!) and matcha! Since I don’t drink coffee I am completely obsessed with matcha and maca for a much needed energy boost these days! I mostly just add maca to my smoothies or healthy treats and the same goes for matcha + I of course drink it as matcha tea, but I have been trying to find new ways to incorporate these energy boosting super foods into my diet and one of them are chia puddings! There are so many pros to chia puddings; they taste great, they are super healthy (see my post on chia seeds and their health benefits right here), very filling, beyond easy to make and the best part is that you can make them the night before to save time!

Note: Some of you have expressed that you do not like the texture of chia puddings, you can try mixing it with a little yoghurt just before serving for a more smooth and creamy texture :)

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1 cup almond milk
3 tablespoons chia seeds (buy it right here or here, affiliate links)
1 teaspoon matcha (I used this one)
1/2 teaspoon pure vanilla powder
Your sweetener of choice – liquid stevia, acacia honey etc.

I topped it with skyr (you can use greek yoghurts or similar instead) and super simple 10 minute honey toasted granola (more of my favorite granola recipes here!), yum!


  1. Start by mixing the chia seeds, almond milk, matcha and vanilla powder. When everything is well mixed, add your sweetener of choice – I added a bit of liquid stevia and acacia honey.
  2. Now you need to put the mixture in the fridge to allow the chia seeds to soak up the liquid and expand – chia seeds can actually absorb up to 12 times their own weight in liquid! I usually prep this the night before and leave it in the fridge overnight, but you can also make it the same day, it will need at least an hour in the fridge though.
  3. Before serving, stir the chia pudding well (if too thick, add some more milk and if too thin, add some more chia seeds) and add your toppings of choice. I served it with skyr and honey toasted granola, so tasty! Enjoy :)


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