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Pink chocolate and berry flavored bliss balls

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Hello lovelies, I hope you have all had an amazing weekend? I definitely did, I spent most of friday and saturday working, but when you love what you do and you are your own boss then it is really not too bad. Today I took off most of the day to hang out with my friend Kamilla and it was just what I needed, I have to be careful not to work 24/7 and actually take some time to relax. We went to watch the Ironman triathlon here in Copenhagen (so much respect for the men and women who participated) and pretty much just walked around for hours in the beautiful weather while talking and enjoying some naughty food aka. hot dogs and ice cream, haha so bad, but so good!! Afterwards we went to see Southpaw and it was absolutely amazing, I was pretty much holding back tears the whole time (I always cry at the movies, a little embarrassing). If you haven’t seen it yet, then I can really recommend it!

..but enough about my weekend, what I really wanted to share with you are these cute chocolate and berry flavored bliss balls! Bliss balls are one of my favorite healthy treats to make, they are so easy to make and super versatile. I love to experiment with new flavor combos and this one is definitely a new favorite of mine.

Pink – check! Healthy – check! Easy to make – check! Yummy – double check!! It doesn’t get much better than that! :D

You can find the recipe over on the Danish fashion magazine Costume’s website, where I each tuesday share a new healthy recipe:

Find the recipe right here!

The article is in Danish, but you can easily use an online translator (e.g. just copy-paste the recipe into Google Translate) and if you have any problems, then just let me know and I will help you :)

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