Banana bread with dark chocolate and toasted almonds // Guest blogger: Anna-mad

Healthified chocolate chip cookies

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As you know I am not very fond of baking, I don’t really know why, but I have just never been very into it, which is why most of my desserts are raw or non-bake. However, every now and then I crave the more traditional baked desserts and I make sure to always create recipes that are easy and no fuss + that doesn’t make too much of a mess or leave too many dishes to be done. So when you find a recipe on here that requires baking then you’ll know that it is usually a super easy one and that is definitely also the case with these super yummy chocolate chip cookies. They take no time to put together and they’re just so delicious and even a little addictive, haha I made these 3 days in a row when I first created the recipe! And we ended up eating the first batch in just a couple of hours, oopsie ;) But it’s okay though, because while they are what I consider a treat, then they do not contain any flour, butter or refined sugar, but instead I have replaced them with more nutritious substitutes – I promise they still taste super indulgent and yummy though!

You can find the recipe over on the Danish fashion magazine Costume’s website, where I each tuesday share a new recipe:

Find the recipe right here!

The article is in Danish, but you can easily use an online translator (e.g. just copy-paste the recipe into Google Translate) and if you have any problems, then just let me know and I will help you :)

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Banana bread with dark chocolate and toasted almonds // Guest blogger: Anna-mad