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Healthy and easy breakfast ideas + giveaway // Enjoying food

Healthy and easy breakfast ideas + giveaway // Enjoying foodSponsored. This post is made in collaboration with Valio – lactose-free dairy products

Hello loves, it is time for one of the most requested blogposts I have gotten so far – easy and healthy breakfast ideas! I know a lot of you struggle with finding the time and energy to make a proper nourishing meal in the morning and even more so with finding the time to actually sit down and enjoy it. It is so important to start the day right with a good nourishing meal to give us the energy we need throughout the day and to me it is super important to take the time to sit down and enjoy that meal as well for a peaceful and balanced start to the day – and it doesn’t mean that you have to get up super early, just set your alarm clock 10 minutes earlier that usual. Haha and yes I know that is easier said than done, I am so not a morning person, but I used to always do this back when I had early morning lectures and I gave me an amazing start to the day.

First up is the recipe for this super tasty breakfast parfait with raspberry smoothie, chia pudding, homemade granola, fresh raspberries and sliced banana. This is probably not the recipe you will use on those crazy busy mornings (skip to the next one below instead), but even though it might look a little difficult or time consuming to make, then it really only takes 5 minutes to put together, since both the chia pudding (find my recipe right here, using Valio lactose-free milk and skyr) and granola can be made beforehand in big batches to enjoy throughout the week. Find the recipe below.

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Breakfast parfait with raspberry smoothie and chia pudding

Raspberry smoothie:
1 banana (ripe with brown spots)
1 cup frozen raspberries
1/2 teaspoon pure vanilla powder
A little sweetener if necessary – liquid stevia, acacia honey, maple sirup etc.
Milk to blend – I used Valio lactose-free milk

Chia pudding
Find the recipe right here!

You can use store-bought granola or easily make your own by melting a little honey on a pan on medium to high heat, add oats, nuts and seeds as well and toast it while stirring for about 10 minutes or until lightly golden. Make a big batch to save time and have delicious homemade granola for your breakfasts the entire week.

Find the directions on how to make the parfait below.

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Parfait directions:

  1. Start by adding all the smoothie ingredients to a blender and pulse until smooth – make sure to not add too much milk or you will not be able to layer it. Pour the smoothie into a big glass or jar.
  2. Then add the chia pudding onto the smoothie – I used about 1/6 of the large chia pudding batch from the link.
  3. Top off the parfait with granola, raspberries and sliced banana and it is ready to be served, enjoy!

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Yoghurt/skyr with tasty, nutritious and colourful toppings
Another beyond easy breakfast idea is to simply jazz up your favourite yoghurt or skyr (you know how much I love my skyr!) with some nutritious and tasty toppings! Yoghurt or skyr is super popular for breakfast here in Scandinavia and I personally LOVE to enjoy both yoghurt and especially skyr for breakfast (or as a snack/healthy dessert) when I am feeling a little lazy, but still want something healthy and delicious. Most people I know are always in such a rush when it comes to breakfast and often just eat their yogurt plain and in a hurry, which I think is such a shame. I think it is important to take a little time – even on those busy mornings – to make a nutritious and filling breakfast to provide you with the fuel you need for your day ahead and even more so I think it is super important to take the time to enjoy it! Like I wrote in the above, when I had to get up early for lectures I would always make sure that I had 20 minutes to make and enjoy my breakfast, which gave me such a peaceful and energising start to the day. It really doesn’t take much time to pour up some yoghurt or skyr and add your favourite toppings – I love to add homemade granola (like the super easy one I mentioned above), chia seeds, chopped almonds, hemp seeds, nut butters and whatever fresh fruit and berries I have available. If you are in a hurry you can skip the fruit, which often needs prepping and just add a handfull berries instead.

For the colourful yoghurt serving pictured below I used this Valio peach, raspberry & apricot flavoured yoghurt (unlike Valio’s other products this yoghurt is not lactose-free) and topped it with fresh figs, raspberries and mango, so yum! Definitely left me with a taste of summer! I also really love this version with peach and mango (this one is not lactose-free either) and my favourite is probably this Valio yoghurt natural as I usually prefer my yoghurt and skyr without added flavours – haha it allows me to go all cray with my toppings!! For my sister I made a serving with this banan and vanilla flavoured Valio yoghurt as she is lactose intolerant and this one is completely lactose-free – so is their yummy vanilla flavoured skyr as well btw and both taste just like regular yoghurt/skyr, you cannot taste that it is lactose-free at all. Haha I used to avoid my sisters lactose-free dairy products like the plague because I thought it would taste weird, turns out I have been missing out ;)

And because I always get a lot of questions about skyr from my international readers, skyr is an Icelandic dairy product that is high in protein, but low in fat. The texture is quite thick, a bit like quark or greek yoghurt. I think it can be very hard to find outside Scandinavia, but I have actually seen it in other parts of the world (like in NYC and the UK), you just need to find a very well stocked health oriented grocery store. Haha and I promise you it is worth it, you all know how obsessed I am with this stuff, so filling, tasty and healthy!

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Aaaand as a little bonus, Valio is having a competition over on their Danish facebook page with some lovely prices and as it seems right now, quite good chances of winning, so make sure you head on over there and participate – find the competition right here!

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