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Quick and healthy tropical breakfast

Quick and easy tropical breakfast
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Hi lovelies, I hope you are doing great and that your year is off to a great start ❤️ Personally I am struggling a bit with getting back into a proper routine, I have been eating too much unhealthy food and treats, I haven’t been working out and my sleep pattern is so messed up! I always let go and just enjoy myself during the Christmas holidays/New years, but then get back on track with my healthy lifestyle in January, it just haven’t been going as easily as usual this year. Haha I guess I just need to get my sh*t together and do it! I have even considered trying a juice cleanse (always been a bit skeptical of those) to really kickstart (my hopefully soon) healthy 2016 ;)

It’s not that I am unhealthy all the time though, most of my meals are healthy, but then I get all weak af at night and end up eating candy or chocolate while binge watching The Walking Dead ;) Haha I finally found a new show to watch and I’m addicted already! Anyways, back to what this post was supposed to be all about – a healthy and easy idea for a super delicious breakfast!!

All you need to make this tropical breakfast is some coconut soy yoghurt (or whatever yoghurt you prefer, I wish coconut yoghurt or oat yoghurt were available here!) and then top it with diced mango, sliced banana, passion fruit, raw coconut chips and granola or muesli – this would be perfect with my homemade coconut granola, you can find the recipe right here! Enjoy! ❤️

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