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Spicy tuna balls recipe + an amazing competition

Spicy tuna balls recipe + an amazing giveaway
Sponsored. This post is made in collaboration with John West.

While you may not have been able to tell from the blog, then tuna have always been a go-to for me when I want something easy, healthy and inexpensive for lunch or dinner. My father started that tradition for me as we would always have these delicious pita breads stuffed with tuna and other goodies as our go-to easy meal when I was a kid. It is still one of my favorites and I love to add tuna to my salads or to make a healthy and quick version of tuna mousse/tuna salad to put in sandwiches as well. Those aren’t exactly the most creative recipes though, so I haven’t really found them to be share worthy, which is why I just knew I had to come up with something new and exciting for this post in collaboration with John West. They are having a super exciting recipe competition revolving around their canned tuna with the theme “Healthy and low fat” (read all about it below), so I wanted to give it my best shot at something a little more creative.

The result are these beyond delicious spicy tuna balls, they are healthy, incredibly easy to make and inexpensive if you are on a budget. I know it might sound a bit odd to make tuna “meatballs”, but the flavor is actually quite like chicken, but more rich in flavor and with a spicy twist – so good! I love how versatile they are, you can easily sub the carrot, bell pepper and leek with whatever veggies you have available and you can adjust the spices to suit whatever kind of dish you wish to include them in. Another thing that I really love about these tuna balls is that you can make a big batch and then have you lunch or dinner sorted the following days – I usually serve it in different ways each day, so it won’t get boring.

Spicy tuna balls recipe + an amazing giveaway

Competition – John West opskrifts dyst 2016
I’m sorry this one is for my danish followers only, but I promise that I will have an international giveaway very soon! John West har lige nu en fantastisk konkurrence kørende, hvor der udloddes et rejsegavekort hver måned på 5.000 kr. + et finale gavekort på 25.000 kr. – hvor vildt kunne det lige være at vinde?! :D Jeg kunne i hvert fald godt bruge sådan en lækker rejse væk fra det kolde danske vejr! For at deltage i konkurrencen skal du blot gå ind på John Wests konkurrenceside lige her og indsende din egen “MyBestJohnWest” opskrift med tun under temaet “Sundt & Fedtfattigt”. Held og lykke!

Spicy tuna balls recipe + an amazing giveaway
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Ingredients – 2 servings:
1 can of John West tuna
1 carrot, finely grated*
1/2 red bell pepper, finely grated*
1/2 leek, finely grated*
1 egg
4 handfuls oats
Salt + pepper
Your spices of choice (I used ground chili, paprika and garlic powder)

*I just gave them a quick blend in my foodprocessor, easy peasy and they were very finely chopped/grated, which I think works perfectly for this dish.

Spicy tuna balls recipe + an amazing giveaway
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Simply add all the ingredients to a bowl and mix them well together. Form little balls and place them on a tray lined with baking paper, the mixture will be quite wet and it won’t hold together too well, but the tuna balls will be perfectly firm after baking. Bake the tuna balls at 180 c / 360 f  for about 25 minutes until they are turning slightly golden. I served the tuna balls with a nice crisp salad drizzled with lemon juice and guacamole on the side, enjoy!

Spicy tuna balls recipe + an amazing giveaway


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