Breakfast parfait with raspberry and passion fruit

Lovely little things // Something new and little peeks behind the scenes

Spring inspired cake with strawberry
¨ Spring inspired cake with strawberry and coconut ¨

Hello lovelies! Some of you might remember that I used to have this little series on my blog called ‘Lovely little things’ where I shared little glimpses from behind the scenes and my everyday life? Well guess what, I am bringing it back! Yep a lot of new (and well in this case technically old I guess) things are coming to the blog, I have so many ideers and plans that I cannot wait to share with you! You do not have to worry though, the main focus of the blog will always be recipes, I just like to mix it up a little and I have been wanting to make it slightly more personal for a while, so I think this will be a great way to do it. I hope you like the idea :)

The pretty spring inspired cake above is a little something that I made earlier this week after going a liiiittle crazy and buying insane amounts of strawberries ;) It didn’t quite turn out the way I had hoped for though, so the recipe needs some tweaking before I am able to share it with you guys. Some of you have asked me how many times I make something before sharing the recipe on the blog, but I don’t really have one clear answer for that. Sometimes I make something once and it turns out perfect and exactly how I want it and then I share it right away. Other times it can take me up to 5 tries to get it right, but often I cook something without intending for it to be shared on the blog and if it is a favorite that I make over and over again, then I usually end up sharing it on the blog.

Colorful breakfast smoothie bowl
¨Breakfast in my new apartment at my new vintage wood table surrounded by fresh flowers ¨

I already shared this snap over on instagram, but it is a favorite of mine, so I just had to share it again. I have been trying to take the time to make a proper breakfast every morning since I moved into my new apartment – something nourishing and pretty – because pretty and colorful meals makes me happy! You can find the recipe I used for the smoothie bowl right here!

Colorful gardening
¨ My very first garden equipment ¨

As I have shared earlier I have bought a new apartment and it comes with my very own garden! A quite large one actually and it is just a muddy mess with some patches of grass right now, so I have a lot of work to do. I have never had my own garden before, so I owned zero garden equipment when I moved here and I still don’t have much, but at least the things I have are super pretty ;) I just couldn’t help myself when I saw these pastel pink cuties! And I got a whole bunch of organic seeds as well, I cannot wait to start planting things! If only the Danish weather wasn’t so shitty!  For those interested I got everything from Tiger and it was really cheap :)

Plant love
¨ New plants and a clay pot for sprouting ¨

I am not just excited for my garden and growing things there, I am a little plant obsessed in general at the moment. I have already bought so many new plants since I moved here and I cannot wait to get my hands on some more. I got these beauties at Ikea, which is actually a really great place to find affordable plants.

I also got the clay pot for sprouting in Ikea, I have wanted to try sprouting nuts, seeds, grains and beans for ages, so I just had to get this baby! I will write a post on sprouting soon, I just need to test it properly first :)

¨ A very rare selfie and my very first hortensia ¨

It is extremely rare that I take selfies or let anyone photograph me (as silly as it might sound, it gives me so much anxiety), but I am absolutely LOVING the Coachella’ish flower crown filter and I felt like it would go perfectly with this flower power plant loving post + I thought it would be nice to put a face on the person behind the blog :)

I bought my first hortensia this week and it is a bit special to me because my mom absolutely loves them and pretty much has them everywhere, so they remind me of home. I think I have to get some more to put in my garden as well, they are just so pretty and I love that they come in so many different colors.

Ben & Jerry's cookie ice cream party
¨ Ben & jerry’s cookie icecream party ¨

One of the perks of being a blogger is that you sometimes get the best PR packages, like this Ben & Jerry’s one with their new ‘wich ice-cream family. Ice-cream cookie sandwiches and ice-cream with cookie dough, what’s not to love?! ;) Haha I have eaten wayyy too much of these goodies, I thought I would share them with my friends and my sister, but I have pretty much just eaten most of it on my own, oopsie.. This is the reason that I cannot have things like this in the house, I have zero self-control! I have been stuffing my face with these goodies pretty much every night while editing photos and writing, it just makes working late so much more fun! ;)

¨ Matcha spread in Iform with my recipes ¨

I already shared this photo over on instagram, but I just had to share it with you guys as well. Four of my matcha recipes are in this issue of Iform magazine! It was such a fun experience to work with them on this matcha spread, I loved trying to work in a studio with professional photographers and a food stylist (the whole team is just the sweetest!). It is amazing to see my work in print and I just think it turned out so well! The magazine is on the stands now if you want to pick up a copy, I think the recipes are in the Swedish, Norwegian etc. versions of the magazine as well. Photography in the magazine are by the super talented Wichmann + Bendtsen.

I actually worked with them again yesterday on a new exciting project that I cannot wait to share with you, but you’ll have to wait until the magazine hits the stands ;)

Passionfruit cocktails
¨ Passionfruit drinks at my first proper blogevent ¨

Some of you asked for a little update on how the blogevent I went to a couple of weeks ago went, so I thought I would share it here. I usually never go to blogevents because I suffer from social anxiety (and because I am super shy and awkward) and since I don’t really know any of the other bloggers, then I have just always dreaded those events. I have only been to two other blogger get-togethers before and it was just awful, everyone already knew each other and I was kind of left alone the entire time, which was partly my own fault since smalltalk and networking are not exactly my strongest suits. It did kinda scare me off from participating in any blogevents right up until this one, but I was allowed to bring a plus one, so I knew it couldn’t be too bad. The event was actually really great, it was hosted by Cock’s & Cow’s and Hellmann’s and the theme was sustainability and animal welfare. I absolutely loved the cocktails, the food, the talk about animal welfare by Signe Wenneberg and the giftbags of course ;)

As for the mingling and networking with the other bloggers? ..well that went as badly as the other times I attended anything blogrelated, people mostly only seemed to talk to the people they already knew, so it was a bit difficult to make new acquaintances + I am absolutely horrible at it, so that definitely didn’t help ;) Hopefully I will build up the courage to go to another one of these things soon and then actually meet some new people and maybe network a little with my fellow bloggers. I did have an amazing time at the event though, my friend Laura and I really enjoyed ourselves – the talk on animal welfare was great, we loved the open bar – haha we got a little tipsy, I don’t believe saying no to free alcohol ;) – and the food were beyond delicious, so it was a succes after all, thank you to Cock’s & Cow’s and Hellmann’s for the invite! :)

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