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Plant Wanties // Succulent love

Plant Wanties // Succulent love

Hi lovelies, are you ready for some more plant love? I am so obsessed with plants at the moment, so expect a couple more posts in this little blogseries ;) This time it will be all about succulents! I have found so many cute succulent related items that I hope you’ll love – I mean just look at those little succulent pendants!

Some of these picks are quite pricy, which is completely fair for handmade items, but I am on a budget, so I am going to use the pricier ones as inspiration for some future DIY projects :)

There are very few links to actual succulents (the plants), because it is usually cheaper to buy them in your local stores (in Denmark you can find cheap ones at your local florists and in stores like Bauhaus, IKEA etc.) + it is safer to buy them locally as well as they do not have to be transported by mail or carrier. If you want to try planting your own succulents, then you can find seeds right here and here!

Make sure to check out my posts on air plants and cacti as well ❤︎

This post contains affiliate links.

Succulent arrangements – find them right here, here and here!

Succulent terranium here! Succulent arrangement here! Succulent cuttings here!

Succulent terraniums – here, here and here!

Succulent natural stone planters – here, here, here and here!

Succulent pendants – find them right here, here and here!

Succulent terranium here! Succulent ceramic planter here! Magnetic driftwood succulent planters here!

Succulent bridal bouquettes – here, here and here! How cute are these?! :D

Succulent + cacti notebook, postcards and stickers!

Succulent illustrations here and here + plant lady t-shirt right here!

Succulents and seeds – here, here and here!


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