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Morning lovelies! I wish you an amazing start to what will hopefully be an amazing week! ❤︎

I have decided to start another little blogseries and I hope you will love it, I call it ‘Easy everyday meals’ and it is where I want to share all my go-to beyond easy meals that I usually find too simple, too boring or simply too “ugly”/unphotogenic to share. Those kinds of meals are usually the ones that ends up saving the day when I am stressed, tired and strapped for time, so I thought it was about time that I shared some of them with you! The photos will not be of the highest quality (I will use iphone photos as well) and for some of you they might seem too easy and self-explanatory to be shared, but I am hoping that they bring some inspiration to those of you who, like myself, sometimes struggle with coming up with ideas for easy and healthy meals in your busy everyday life.

First up we have this delicious superfood breakfast bowl, and yes this one is definitely a lot more “pimped out” than some of the other recipes in this series will be, but it takes absolutely no time to put together and you can just use whatever fruit etc, you have available. No exotic fruits or edible flowers are necessary, but my garden and fridge are booming with goodies right now, so I had to take advantage of that right?! ;)

To make this simply mix your favorite yoghurt/skyr/greek yoghurt/coconut yoghurt etc. (I used vanilla skyr) with 1 tablespoon chia seeds and 1 tablespoon hemp seeds. Set it aside to let the seeds soak in the yoghurt while you cut your fruity toppings of choice (I added kiwi, kiwi berries, red and golden raspberries from the garden, figs and passion fruit), add the fruit and whatever goodies you have available in your fridge/counters to the yoghurt bowl. I almost always have some sort of homemade chia jam (takes less than five minutes to make, I added my favorite raspberry chia jam), raw nutella, nut butter, apple sauce, granola, chopped nuts etc. that I can add a little of as well. This is really just one of those super easy chia pudding inspired breakfast meals, where you just add whatever you have available and get a chance to clear out the fridge and your fruit stash a bit – haha pretty much everything will taste good in a breakfast bowl like this, enjoy! ❤︎

Next time I will share one of my go-to super easy dinner “recipes” that saves me every time I have forgotten to buy groceries aka. have been too lazy ;)


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