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Plant Wanties // All things cacti

Cacti coverHi lovelies, are you ready for another post in my little ‘Plant Wanties’ series? I am still all plant crazy (haha I might even have ordered a couple of new plants today!) and I do not see myself getting tired of filling my house with all these green beauties anytime soon, so prepare for a couple more of these posts ;) Today it will be all about cacti! Haha they were my favorites for a long time, since they were the only plants I was able to keep alive! I am starting to get a lot better at it though, I still haven’t killed any plants since I moved into the new house, so that’s a new record!

For this post I have collected a bunch of my favorite cacti related items, there’s illustrated prints, ceramic items, wallpapers, notebooks, cacti seeds, teepees + so much more – and of course some actual cactis!

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Cactus0Cactis: Echinocactus grusonii – right hereEuphorbia trigona – right hereEuphorbia Ingens – right here! “Mickey Mouse” cactus – right here!

CactiIllustrated cacti prints – get them right here: 1. // 2. // 3.

Cacti.Handmade cacti trinkets – Miniature cactus set of 5 right here! Catus ring holder right here! Cactus holders right here! Cactus ring holder with jewelry dish right here!

cactus1Handmade cacti vases – right here, here, here, here and here!

Cacti2Cacti seeds – right here, here, here, here, here and here!

Cactus3Iphone case – right here! Teepee with cacti print – right here! Cacti wash tape right here!

Cactus5Cacti felt banner – right here! Cactus ‘Stay Sharp’ print – right here! Cacti coasters – right here!

Cactus6Watercolor cactus wallpaper – right here! Self-adhesive removable cactus wallpaper – right here! Cactus art print set – right here!

Cactus7Cactus gel pens – right here! Cactus pocket journal set – right here! Cactus temporary tattoos – right here!

Catus8Cactus art prints – right here, here and here!


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