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A day on set with Tulip – my first video shoot!

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Good evening lovelies! Some of you have been asking me about the recent video shoot I was on and if I could go a bit more into detail with the whole experience, so I thought I would share some more behind the scenes photos and bit more about the day and what the shoot was actually like. I recommend that you start by watching the video below, which is the final result from out shoot. The main focus is on the food and the newly launched Tulip premium products (Delikatessens Krydderpostej, Delikatessens Bacon+ postej & Delikatessens Lun og lækker) that have been added to their growing line of delicatessens liver pates – and yes as I mentioned in my previous post, it might sound a bit odd to you non-danes, but it is very popular here and it is pretty much the unofficial national dish of Denmark :) While the main focus of the video is the food then I think it perfectly captures the mood of the day of the shoot, it was actually really relaxed, fun and cosy! See for yourself below and keep an eye out for little snapshots of me in there ;)

Did you spot me? Haha it might take a trained eye! The video pretty much shows how the day went, we met up in a cute studio kitchen, 8 bloggers (Sydhavnsmor, Bitte Bitte, Anna Mad, Nutidensmor, Sunde Madpakker, Mor til Mernee and Mor med mere) 1 chef, the camera crew and some of the girls from Bloggers Delight, which is our blog network. The camera crew were pretty much filming the entire time, but I felt surprisingly comfortable still, I think it was because the focus was never that much on me, but more on the food, the chef and all of us as a group.

The whole thing started with the chef showing us three different ways to serve the new Tulip products and then we got to taste them as well of course – it was so good! Haha and this was the moment where I completely messing up in front of the camera and had food all over my face and even some in my hair! Thankfully it was not included in the video!

I wanted to share the recipes that the chef made for us with you guys, they were so tasty and such great inspiration on how to serve the pates with a flavorful gourmet twist, but I were sadly not able to get them. I do however have the ingredients for two of the dishes that he served for us (my favorite is thankfully included!), so I will share that with you instead.

The first one is his take on the Tulip Delikatessens flødepostej, it is a creamy pate with apple. He served it with lightly pickled gherkins in whole grain mustard, balsamic vinegar and olive oil topped with parsley for an acidified flavor and lots of freshly ground pepper, so delicious!

The second one is my favorite one, it is the chef’s take on the Tulip Delikatessens Lun og lækker, which is the same product that I was assigned, it is a pate that is served warm and a classic on the lunch table. He topped the pate with pan toasted (on very high heat) and lightly pickled chanterelles (my favorite mushrooms!), freshly picked tarragon to complement the chanterelles and to add a bit of anise flavor.

You can find photos of both the dishes below, haha as you can see everything was very well documented that day ;) ..except me, I am the worst blogger when it comes to being in front of the camera, so I don’t even have a photo with me in it (a bit of a fail), but I was filmed all day so that counts for something right?

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After the chef had shown us his three suggestions on how to serve the pates (and we had tasted them of course), then it was us bloggers turn to take over the kitchen and make our very own dishes. Each of us bloggers were assigned a product + a theme and then we were challenged to create a dish based on these things, but with our own personal twist. We had already ordered the ingredients a couple of days earlier, so everything was ready for us to get creative. It was a bit nerve racking to do in front of a camera crew, professional chefs and the other bloggers and I managed to mess it up a couple of times, but the end result turned out both gorgeous and so delicious!

I was assigned the pate called ‘Delikatessens Lun og lækker’, which is served warm and is a classic on the Danish lunch tables and a stable when my family get together for big family lunches and holidays. I absolutely loved how they have paid attention to the details and not only ensured a great taste and quality, but also have improved the functionality of the product. Instead of having to add the pate to an ovenproof dish like usual, then you can actually just pop it in the oven or microwave in the packaging you buy it in – it does not get much easier than that! You can see my interpretation of the Danish classic below, as you can probably guess I made it with a modern, colorful and slightly healthier twist. Make sure to check out my first post about the shoot, where I share the recipe for my little creation, find it right here!

dsc_9780 dsc_9730

All in all it turned out to be such a fun and rewarding day, both professionally for me as a blogger, but also personally since I felt like this was such a victory over my anxiety. I both suffer from social anxiety and have major anxiety when it comes to being photographed and filmed, but I managed to keep it under control and even ended up having fun, I did not expect that at all! I feel like I am slowly getting better at these things, I have even accepted invitations to two new blogevents next month – take that social anxiety! ;)

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