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Lovely little things // Little glimpses of my favorite things

Lovely little things // Little glimpses of my favorite things¨ A cosy afternoon break ¨

Hi lovelies, are you ready for another post in my ‘Lovely little things’ series? It is all about appreciating and enjoying the little things in life, to stop and take notice of the everyday things that brings joy and to give you guys a little bit of insight into the person who is behind A Million Miles. I have been awful at keeping up with these posts, but I have now decided to make them a weekly thing where I each monday (sometimes tuesday) will share my favorite lovely little things from the week before, I hope you will enjoy it! This week I am sharing both some things that goes further back than a week and a little something from today, but from next week all photos will be from the previous week in order to always keep it current and up to date ❤︎

The first photo I want to share shows a lot of things that falls into my category of lovely little things – fresh flowers, my new marble coffee table, pumpkin spice dessert balls with dark chocolate (recipe coming soon) and a gorgeous new cookbook “Food in a jar” by Sophie Vedel Dalgaard that I was lucky enough to receive a while back (I plan on doing a little review soon) – haha you guys already know my love for jars, so this one is perfect for me! I took this photo earlier today while I enjoyed a little afternoon break after creating recipes most of the day. I always make the time to take little breaks throughout the day as it really helps me keep my stress levels under control. Today I used my afternoon break flipping through this lovely cookbook while eating my newest little dessert creations and listening to Phlake as the rain hit my windows, so cosy! ❤︎

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dsc_9918dsc_9991-1¨ Our new little babies ¨

If you follow me on instagram or snapchat (mokai_giraf) then you have already seen quite a lot of these fluffy little babies, but this will be their debut here on the blog! ❤︎

My little sister adopted these beyond cute kittens a couple of weeks ago and since we share a house (divided into two apartments, but still), then they’re totally my kittens as well, right?! ;) They are named Luca and Marley and they are the cutest most adorable little fur babies, but also the most annoying, noisy little terrorists who are pretty much able to turn the entire apartment upside down when they start playing – haha it should not be possible for such little creatures to cause so much chaos!

Banana love, Zara banana split sweatshirt¨ BA-NA-NA! ¨

Okay how AWESOME is this sweatshirt?! Haha I know that my fellow nana lovers out there will appreciate it! Ever since I spotted this banana sweatshirt a couple of months ago I just knew that I had to get my hands on it and when I saw the price tag I was sold – it is so cheap! It took me a while to find it, but I finally managed to buy it a couple of weeks ago – with a very special thank’s to Sydhavnsmor who helped me get it since I stupidly forgot my card at home! Haha I seriously do that at least once a week, how is that even possible?!

The sweatshirt is from Zara and while it sadly seems to be sold out online, then I saw a couple in the stores last week, so I still think it is possible to buy it for those interested :)

dsc_0573 dsc_0603 img_8410¨ Garden sneak peek ¨

I think it is about time that I show you some little snapshots from the gardens – I have pretty much been talking about them forever! We still have so much work to do and the gardens are still mostly just lawn (haha and weeds!! They keep coming back faster than we remove them!), so I am not going to do a full tour until next year where we will hopefully have planted a whole lot more + have added some more garden furniture and such.

Until then I will share these little glimpses with you guys, the apple tree is in my sister’s garden and it is just perfect! There are insane amounts of delicious apples on it and it just looks so cute with the little sving! The raspberries are from my garden and they just bring me so much joy! We planted 3 different varieties and 3 bushes of each variety – golden raspberries + 2 kinds of regular red raspberries, one that is in season during sommer + one that is in season during fall = sooo many raspberries!! ❤︎

The cute rustic whiskey barrels filled with herbs are in my garden as well, I just love how cute these look and it is of course amazing to have all these delicious fresh herbs on hand for my cooking as well!

Maria Nila soft¨ A recommendation and a thank you ¨

I think I have already shared my love for this brand before, but I want to do it again because it is just that good – and no this is not sponsored! I cannot explain just how much I love this shampoo + conditioner from Maria Nila, it works wonders for my difficult hair and since I have started using it a year ago I have been able to only wash my hair every other/every third day. This might not sound like much, but it is huge for me! My hair is usually super greasy no matter what I do, but since I changed my shampoo to this one, then I haven’t had any problems with greasy hair at all! To make it even better the products are vegan, sulphate and parabene free, produced locally in Sweden and environmentally friendly!

So far I have only been using the shampoo and conditioner, but my little sister got a lot of Maria Nila goodies from the lovely and super talented girls from Impression PR and they even included some things for me as well (big thank you girlies!), so I cannot wait to test the hair mask and organ oil to see if I like it as much as the shampoo and conditioner. Haha and yeah it was for my sis, but I am totally gonna steal a little – the perks of sharing a house with a beauty blogger ;) I will update you guys on how I like it.

You can buy the shampoo (my absolute favorite!) right here (1000 ml) and here (350 ml) + find all other Maria Nila products right here!

dsc_9688 ¨ Stepping out of my comfort zone ¨

In my last ‘Lovely little things’ post I shared that I suffer from social anxiety and how it doesn’t really go too well with being a blogger. It really holds me back since I do not like to participate in events and such, but recently I have challenged myself to defy the anxiety and step out of my comfort zone. It has actually been going quite well, I accepted an offer to participate in a blog campaign where I had to participate in a video shoot with a bunch of my fellow bloggers (sneak peek above) + I have been to two pr blogevents as well even though I didn’t really know anyone and I was going alone, so that feels like a small victory for me! Especially the video shoot since I not only suffer from social anxiety, but also have major anxiety when it comes to being filmed and photographed, so I am a bit proud of myself. Haha I am definitely not going to be the next big tv-chef though, I am super unphotogenic and awkward, but I actually had fun at the shoot and I loved getting to know some of my fellow bloggers! I will share the final result and more about the shoot soon. Haha I still haven’t seen the video and I am just praying that they did not use the shot of me where I am trying one of the dishes the chef prepared and then ended up with food all over my face + some in my hair because my hand was shaking so much – arrrghghh why am I so awkward?!

Baby pumpkins¨ Pumpkin party! ¨

I am a liiiittle obsessed with pumpkins at the moment – as you might have noticed from my recent posts ;) I have so many of these adorable baby pumpkins for decoration on my dinning table (I love using them as props for food styling as well) and we have a whole bunch of big pumpkins outside by the front door, it just looks so cute! I have never been fond of fall, but my sister’s enthusiasm seems to have rubbed off on me, so now I am hoarding pumpkins like a crazy person ;)

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