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Lovely little things // Week 42: Kitty emergencies, lots of food and new buys

Hi lovelies, it is time for another post in my ‘Lovely little things’ series, where I share some of the things from the previous week that have somehow had an positive impact on me – however small or big these things might be. It is all about appreciating and enjoying the little things in life, to stop and take notice of the everyday things that brings joy and to give you guys a little bit of insight into the person who is behind A Million Miles.

The photo above is from a lunch out with one of my girlfriends. It is just one of those nice everyday things and it was just what I needed – I had my favorite salmon sandwich, homemade lemonade, good company and I got a nice little break from work. I absolutely love that being self-employed means I can do things like this in the middle of the day, it means the world that I can plan my day and spend my time almost exactly as I please – I do usually work at night instead though ;) The place we went to is called Mad & Kaffe (located on Sønderboulevarden in Vesterbro, Copenhagen) and I can definitely recommend it. My sister and I used to go there all the time before we moved as it was only a couple of minutes from our apartment. I love the salmon sandwich and the lemonade, but the fries are so good as well and their brunch is pretty famous (I think it even won an award or something), but I still haven’t tried it as I cannot be bothered to wait in line to get a table for breakfast (no reservations accepted), hah always too hangry and impatient!

¨ Long lost love ¨

I am finally starting to get back into reading again! I used to read all the time and I often finished a book in a day or two (I get so obsessed), but law school really messed it up for me. I had to read insane amounts of (extremely boring) law books, laws, cases etc. and it really killed my love of reading. It has taken me years to get it back, but I think that I am finally there. I eased into it while in LA by starting to re-read the first Harry Potter book again (I love Harry Potter so much!), I have only read them in Danish previously, so now I am starting all over by reading them in English instead. I only have the first one though, I want to get one of those gorgeous boxsets with all 7 books, so until I find the perfect one I am going to read other books instead.

I have just started reading ‘Choke’ by Chuck Palahniuk, it is quite a different genre from Harry Potter, but I absolutely love Chuck Palahniuk’s writing. ‘Fight Club’ is one of my all time favorites and I have read it so many times! It is very dark, but so intelligently written and it makes observations about us human beings and society that I believe are even more relevant now than ever. I actually wrote a paper on Fight Club, the postmodern society and existentialism in school, I wish I still had it.

Anyways, I am just getting started on ‘Choke’ and so far it seems very promising, hopefully I will have the time to really get into it tomorrow. Do you guys have any book recommendations? I have so many books lined up next since I haven’t really been reading for years, haha but I don’t believe it is possible to have too many books! ;)

You can buy Choke right here and Fight Club – my all time favorite – right here (affiliate links).

¨ New in – finally the perfect pair ¨

I have been looking for the perfect pair of heels for ages and now I have finally found them! I have so many beautiful stilletos, but they are absolutely awful to wear for a night out or pretty much for anything where you have to stand, walk or dance for much longer than 20 minutes, so when I finally found these comfy babies with a thick heel I was sold! I love that they are a bit edgy, it suits my style perfectly (probably better than those pretty stilettos) and they are so good to walk in compared to my other shoes. I got them on sale in an H&M store and they were so cheap even though they are made from real suede – score! They were the only pair left in the store though, but it seemed like they had been returned from the online store, so I think you might be able to find them there if interested :)

dsc_3455 dsc_3772
¨ Halloween treats in the making ¨

I spent the weekend creating so many Halloween treats for you guys and I cannot wait to share the recipes! Halloween is getting very close, so I will try to post most of them within the next couple of days. As I have shared before I absolutely LOVE Halloween! I have never really celebrated it properly as it isn’t really a thing here in Denmark, but I had so much fun creating and styling these Halloween inspired treats. Haha I almost felt like a little kid again, I would throw these little Halloween parties/dinners for my family and friends when I was a kid and it was one of my favorite things to do. I was so obsessed with witches and anything magical/supernatural + of course Halloween, but it wasn’t at all a thing in Denmark back then (even less than now, much less actually). I didn’t care though, I would make all sorts of spooky dishes and decorate the house and then just have a little Halloween party of my own with my mom, dad, little sister and my two best friends from elementary school/middle school, it was so much fun and it is one of my fondest memories. I was (and is) such a little weirdo, always obsessed with strange things ;)

You can find my first Halloween recipe right here and the rest will be up asap!

¨ Liquid lipstick love ¨

Okay so let me just start by saying that I am the WORST at doing makeup, but I have improved a lot over the past year or two and I am actually starting to enjoy trying new things and learning more – I guess I owe my makeup artist little sister some credit for this ;) I am still barefaced 90% of the time though, I work from home a lot and I am pretty lazy when it comes to makeup.

One thing I have always wanted to get into, but never really did is lipstick. I have so many different ones, but I never really wear them because it kinda stresses me out – do I have lipstick on my teeth? Did I smear my lipstick? Is it all over my face? You get the picture, I stress over everything ;) However, I have recently found the solution to my problems, liquid matte lipsticks! You apply them, they dry and they just stay in place! They don’t smear or smudge, they stay right where they are supposed to and don’t end up on your teeth or elsewhere. And they last for SO long! I wore one out to dinner the other day and I made it through several courses + drinks (that I managed to get all over my lips) without the lipstick rubbing off at all, it looked exactly the same as when I left home – how amazing is that?! A lot of brands make these kinds of lipsticks, but my favorite brands are Sephora for a more budget friendly option and Anastasia Beverly Hills for a pricier, but high quality option. So far I like my Sephora just as much as the ABH ones though, so I would just stick to those if you can find the colors you like (I think ABH has a lot more color options).

¨ A kitten and a wasp ¨

This little idiot sandwich is the reason that my sister and I nearly suffered an early death due to the terror and anxiety he brought into our lives last week. He decided it would be a good idea to try and eat a wasp, but he of course got stung and his mouth and neck started swelling so bad. We were absolutely terrified that he might not be able to breathe and thankfully we got an immediate emergency appointment at a nearby vet. We pretty much ran all the way over there and they took such good care of our little baby. They removed the stinger, he got a shot and they kept him for observation until the swelling went down. He is as good as new now and hopefully he will not try that sh*t again anytime soon! I mean I nearly had a heart attack, I don’t think I can handle something like that happening again in the near future!

You might wonder why this story is included in a post called “Lovely little things”? Well I think this is a good example (along with how they sometimes get poop on their feet and drag it all through the house, yikes!) of how much we love those little buggers no matter what they put us through and an experience like that only make us love them even more (the wasp eater has a brother). They are the sweetest, purest little creatures and they make my day almost everyday – haha and they are not even mine! #catladyforlife

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