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Homemade lash and brow serum – natural and inexpensive!

Homemade lash and brow serum - natural and inexpensive!I have been so excited to share this recipe for homemade lash and brow serum with you guys! It is beyond easy to make and so much cheaper than the store-bought ones! Okay if you do not already have these ingredients on hand like I did, then it won’t be that inexpensive at first, but you will be able to make large amounts of serum and other skincare products with the oils, so in terms of quantity it is still super inexpensive compared to the pricy store-bought serums that only contains very small amounts.

My brows and lashes are really in need of a little boost, as blessed as I have been with the hair on my head, my brows and lashes have always been a bit sad looking – I feel like my lashes are just getting worse and worse! I have been looking into different brands of lash/brow serums, but they are all super expensive, so I thought I would try making my own instead. I have done a bunch of research and found the very best oils to promote hair growth and prevent hairloss and combined them into my very own serum. I have only used it for two weeks, but absolutely love this serum and I feel like I am already seeing results (haha maybe I am imagining things?!), I will post a before and after photo when I have used it a little longer.

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Homemade lash and brow serum - natural and inexpensive!
2 teaspoons castor oil
1 teaspoon almond oil
1/2 teaspoon vitamin E oil
1/2 teaspoon coconut oil

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Homemade lash and brow serum - natural and inexpensive!
Simply add everything to a a little glass bottle and shake well. Apply once a day at nighttime before going to bed, I usually use a cotton bud or an eyelash or brow wand.


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