Easy everyday food // Pasta with spicy black bean tomato sauce

Little things // Week 43

Hi lovelies! It is once again time for my weekly ‘Lovely little things’ series, where I share some of the things from the previous week that have somehow had an positive impact on me – however small or big these things might be. It is all about appreciating and enjoying the little things in life, to stop and take notice of the everyday things that brings joy and to give you guys a little bit of insight into the person who is behind A Million Miles.

Let me start by saying that last week was probably the most boring week of my life, but I feel like it is even more important to appreciate the good things in times like that so the post is still on! I didn’t really do anything but work all week and then I ended up getting sick, so I had to cancel all my weekend plans and stay in bed with lots of tea, candy (I felt so sorry for myself!) and netflix. Haha which is usually favorite thing to do (the netflix, candy, staying in bed part), buuut it really sucked since I felt like crap and I had really been looking forward to going out all week. I am not sick anymore though, it passed really fast, so I thankful for that and can’t really complain too much.

Before I got sick last week I went to the park next to our house almost everyday, it is just so pretty with all the fall colors and I try to go for a walk (or even a run) everyday to get some fresh air and get moving. I might be getting a little sick of fall already, the cold and darkness is just not my thing, but the beautiful fall colors and crisp air is just amazing! ❤︎

¨Homemade skin care ¨

I have been experimenting with homemade skincare for a while now and one of my favorites is this super easy to make refreshing face mist – I cannot wait to share the recipe with you guys, you are going to love it! I have also made this amazing lash and brow serum that I am completely obsessed with, I will share the recipe tomorrow and my before and after photos when I have been using it a little longer, but I am already seeing results! The best part is that it is really easy to make and inexpensive as well ;)

¨ Fresh flowers and marble ¨

Fresh flowers are one of my all time favorites when it comes to ‘Lovely little things’, it is definitely a bit of a splurge to almost always have fresh flowers in my home, but they bring me so much joy that I think it is worth it + I am getting pretty good at finding bargains ;) And speaking of bargains, I found this gorgeous white marble cutting board in Søstrene Greene for only 79 DKK – I love how good their interior line is getting! Affordable and chic, yes please!

¨ Fresh batch of muesli buns ¨

I have been eating wayy too many of these muesli breakfast buns lately, but they taste SO good and I love how easy it is to just grab one of these babies in the morning. I’ve been having one with raspberry chia jam, a cup of matcha tea and a crips apple or pear for breakfast almost everyday last week and I kinda want to continue this week even though I should probably start to go a little easy on the bread ;) It is just so nice and easy when you are in no way a morning person and it is so dark and cold in the morning, I really miss summer already!

¨ Stocking up on superfoods ¨

I received my first bulk order of superfoods last week and I am hooked! I got hemp seeds, dried mulberries and bee pollen, I have never tried bee pollen before, so I am a little bit excited about that one. I didn’t want to order too much at a time since I did not know what to expect, but everything was perfect, so I am definitely going to order more from my list soon. There is a lot of money (and time) to be saved by buying these kinds of products in bulk online so I can really recommend it – you can find a list of the items that I am looking to buy in bulk + where to get them right here!

Now I just need to find a place to buy nuts in bulk, I am listing a couple of places in my post, but they are still a bit pricey and the reviews are not 100% good, so I am not completely convinced. Can any of you guys recommend a store? If not, then I think I will just give the sellers I listed a try. They have all gotten a majority of good reviews (4 stars or more), I would never share them if they didn’t, but I do get a little paranoid when it comes to online retailers ;)

¨ Messy breakfast parfait ¨

My favorite breakfast from last week – yes it is even better than the muesli buns ;) I love making healthy parfaits for breakfast, they are so delicious, filling and bursting with nutrients! This one is layered raspberry smoothie (I used this recipe and added a little bit of acai as well), chia pudding (recipe here!), sliced banana, passion fruit and freeze dried raspberry, so good! ❤︎

¨ Kitty cuddles ¨
I was cat-sitting this little baby and his camera shy brother a couple of times last week for my sister (and yes I am totally that person, no shame #catlady) and it was just so cosy to have them on each side of me while I was working on the computer. 5 minutes of work, 5 minutes of kitty cuddles – pretty good routine right? ;) Just look how cute he is, I can barely handle it!

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