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moroccan_stew_3Evening lovelies! It is time for another post in my little ‘Recipes I want to try’ series and I have found some beyond delicious recipes to share with you guys! I want to give these yummy recipes a try as soon as possible, but I am still sick and cannot be bothered to go grocery shopping or to cook anything, so this post is probably kind of a bad idea since it is just making me even more hungry – seriously, what I wouldn’t give for one of these gorgeous meals right now! Haha not to worry though, I have lots of fruit, oatmeal and store-bought soup, so I will not be starving anytime soon, it just feels a little meh after looking through these recipes ;)

The first recipe I want to share is for the gorgeous dish above, it is an Moroccan inspired aubergine & chickpea stew by some of my favorite bloggers David and Luise from Green Kitchen Stories. I might just have returned from Morocco a couple of days ago, but I am already dreaming about going back, so until I can make that happen I will try some Moroccan dishes to help soothe my wanderlust.

Find the recipe right here

pb240390The second recipe that I want to try is by one of my favorite Danish bloggers Emma Martiny, how good does her recipe for healthy savory waffles with hummus and halloumi look!? I have yet to give halloumi a try, so this feels like the perfect opportunity + savory waffles and hummus are always a good idea ;)

Find the recipe right here!

thai-salad-2Okay this dish looks beyond delicious, it is almost torture to look at while I am hungry – YUM! So the third recipe I want to share is this crazy delicious looking thai noodle salad with peanut lime dressing by Lindsay from Pinch of yum. My sister and I have always loved noodle dishes and this one really takes noodles to the next level, so it is definitely a must try here in our house ;)

Find the recipe right here!


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