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Peppermint hot chocolate mix – perfect for gifting!


Hi lovelies, I have been so excited to share this super easy recipe for peppermint hot chocolate mix with you guys! It is so delicious and beyond easy to make, I put this batch together in less than five minutes and I am planning on making at least 5 more batches tomorrow as it is absolutely perfect as a homemade foodie gift for hot chocolate lovers. Haha at least if you ask my hot chocolate obsessed little sister, she has already asked for a second batch and I just gave her this one earlier today!

I have a lot more recipes for super easy homemade foodie gifts coming to the blog in the next couple of days, I am hoping to have everything online by Thursday, so that you will actually have the time to buy the ingredients and make the gifts in time for Christmas – haha as you can tell I don’t believe in being in super good time, most foodie gifts will go bad anyways ;)

Peppermint hot chocolate mix - perfect for gifting!

Start by prepping the ingredients, chop the chocolate (I used a mix of milk chocolate and dark 70% chocolate), crush the candy canes by adding them to a bag and then use a hammer or a bottle to crush them and then measure everything. Now all there is left to do us to simply layer everything in a jar (I added 2 dl hot chocolate mix, 1 dl chopped chocolate, 1 dl crushed peppermint candy canes, another dl of of hot chocolate mix and 1 dl mini marshmallows), add the lid and decorate the jar a little if you’d like – and it is done, easy peasy right?!

I like to include directions on how to use the peppermint hot chocolate mix as well. For one serving simply warm up 250 ml (about 1 cup) of milk (I usually use oat or rice milk) and stir in about 3 heaping tablespoons of the hot chocolate mix (adjust amounts to your liking). Serve right away, enjoy! ❤︎

Note: The layering is solely for aesthetic purposes, it would be a lot more practical to just mix everything before adding it to the jar, but where’s fun in that?! ;)


  • Stine

    Så man deal kun bruge 3 spsk af denne “mix” samt 250 ml mælk for et glas varm kakao?
    og hvad er det for noget “chokolade/kakao mix” du bruger? 😊

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    • A Million Miles

      Ja 3 spiseskeer med top og så mælken :) Det er bare sådan noget helt standart noget fra supermarkedet fx. Nesquik, O’Boy eller du kan bruge en sundere øko/vegansk/sukkerfri version. Haha jeg har bare brugt Nesquik så jeg ikke fik klager fra min søster – hun er ikke med på helsevognen ;)

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