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Buy in bulk and save a lot of time + money! (w. links to webshops) – updated

Buy in bulk and save a lot of time + money! (w. links to webshops)Good evening lovelies! I hope you have all had an amazing weekend? ❤︎

Today I want to share a post with you guys that I have been working on for quite a while, it has taken me forever to find all the products at the best prices without compromising the quality, but I am finally done and I am so excited to share it with you! I have recently started buying my favorite products online since there is not only a lot of time to save doing this (I spend wayyy too much time in different supermarkets and health stores trying to find all my weird hippie products ;)), but also a lot of money – and I mean A LOT! At least compared to the absolutely ridiculous prices in the Danish stores, some of you would be shocked if you for instance saw how much unroasted and unsalted organic cashew nuts cost! So from now on I have decided to buy as much as possible online in bulk to save time and money + to stay clear of all that unnecessary packaging as well.

I have put together a long list with links to the things that I use large quantities of and that I have found to be cheaper to buy online in bulk, I will continue to work on the list as I am sure I have forgotten something and I will update it if I find cheaper/better sellers as well. Almost everything on the list is organic and I tried finding the best prices without compromising the quality of the products. Furthermore I tried to ensure that almost everything are from the same 2-3 sellers, which should help save money on the shipping since you do not have to buy the products from 20+ different sellers and pay for the shipping separately for each of those.

Have I included your personal favorites on the list? Or is there something that I have left out? The list is still a work in progress, so feel free to share your ideas and recommendations – especially if you can recommend some great (European) webshops where you can buy in bulk, I am still learning what the best and most affordable ones are :) I really hope that you find this post useful, enjoy! ❤︎

Note: Some of these products should not be purchased in bulk unless you know you will be able to use it within a reasonable amount of time. Otherwise there is a risk that they will start losing their nutritional value or even go bad and be inedible. The shelf life is usually stated in the product description.

This post contains affiliate links.

Buy in bulk and save a lot of time + money! (w. links to webshops)Nuts
Cashews – buy them right herehere and here!
Almonds – buy them right here and here!
Hazelnuts – buy them right herehere (unroasted and organic) and here (roasted and blanched)
Brazil nuts – buy them right here!
Pecans – buy them right here!

Peanut butter – buy it right here, herehere and here!
Almond butter – buy it right here and here (smooth), here (crunchy) and
her (smooth)
Cashew butter – buy it right here and here!

Almond flour – buy it right here!

Chia seeds – buy them right here (black) and here (white)
Hemp seeds – buy it right here!
Pumpkin seeds – buy them right here!
Sunflower seeds – buy them right here (1 kilo) and here (3 kilo)
Quinoa – buy it right herehere and here!

Beans, legumes etc.
Chickpeas – buy them right here!
Black beans – buy them right here!
Red kidney beans – buy them right here!
Butter beans – buy them right here!
Red lentils –  buy them right here!
Green lentils – buy them right here!

Superfood powders
Acai powder – buy it right here!
Wheatgrass powder – buy it right here!
Maca powder – buy it right here!
Baobab powder – buy it right here!
Matcha powder – I normally use this brand (and love it), but they only ship to a few countries, so you can also find it herehere and here!

Dried fruit
Goji berries – buy them right here or here!
Medjool dates – buy it right here!
Dried mulberries – buy them right here!

Coconut oil – buy it right here!
Coconut flour – buy it right here!
Desiccated coconut – buy it right here!
Coconut chips – buy it right here!
Coconut sugar – buy it right here!

Buckwheat flour – buy it right here (3 kilo) and here (1 kilo)

Pure vanilla powder – buy it right here!

Raw cacao powder – buy it right here (500 grams) and here (1 kilo).
Cacao butter – buy it right here and here!

Dark chocolate – buy it right here (organic, raw, 73%), here (organic, 67%, bars) and here (organic, 63%, buttons)
Milk chocolate – buy it right here (organic, 39%, buttons)
White chocolate – buy it right here (organic, buttons)


  • Dorthe Wagner

    Mange af produkterne sendes ikke til DK, kan jeg se. Er det noget nyt, eller har du et trick til at få det til at ske alligevel?
    Det ville jo være helt genialt.
    PS. Har lige købt din Regnbuemad, hvor er den dog bare inspirerende! Jeg er startet med lækker havregrød og bær kompot.
    Kh Dorthe

    Siden  ·  Svar på kommentar
    • Signe - A Million Miles

      Hej Dorthe,

      Tak for heads-up! Det er vist på tide jeg får opdateret links, alle sendte til DK, da jeg lavede indlægget – jeg sørger for at få nye links og sælgere på hurtigst muligt!
      Årh hvor er det bare dejligt at høre, det er jeg SÅ glad for, tusind tak!

      Kh Signe

      Siden  ·  Svar på kommentar

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