Maqui smoothie bowl with cauliflower

Lovely little things // cookbook update, colorful dresses, homegrown veggies and more

∼ Self-portrait taken for my upcoming cookbook, find the dress on sale right here! (affiliate link) 

Evening lovelies! I know it has been quite a while, but it is time for another post in my ‘Lovely little things’ series, where I share some little glimpses from my everyday life. It is all about appreciating the little things in life ♥

My cookbook is finally completely done and it is now in print, so it can be ready to hit the shelves next month. I am both super excited and super nervous to finally hold the book in my hands. Creating a cookbook have been so much harder than I ever thought, I have poured so much time and energy into it, so I really really hope that it turns out the way I imagined it. I of course know exactly what it is going to look like as I have been involved in every step of the way, but sometimes the colors don’t turn out just right in print, so I still feel nervous about that. Let me know if you want to hear more about the whole process of creating a cookbook, I have been thinking about writing a post about it.

Other than finally putting the finishing touches on my book, then I have mostly been working and trying to catch up on everything, but I will share a couple of small highlights from the last couple of weeks.

– I took some dietician classes to learn more about nutrition, but sadly I got sick after only two days and missed the rest of the classes. Really bad timing, but it made me want to get back into learning more about health and nutrition, so I am going to start studying it on my own – let me know if you have any books that you can recommend.

– I finally went to see Wonder Woman with my friend Kamilla and it was awesome – just like I had expected! Finally a proper female superhero movie! I overheard a lot of people in the cinema complaining about it, but come on, if you go to watch an American superhero movie, then do not complain about cliches, lack of depth and mindless violence?! I mean, I Love artsy European movies as well, but this is a superhero movie for f’s sake, just chill and enjoy it, no need to overanalyze the plot and historical accuracy. Sorry about the detour there, rant over ;)

– I went to visit my parents for a couple of days and it was pure bliss! Their home is surrounded by nature and it just instantly makes me de-stress and feel at peace. We just relaxed, talked, enjoyed lots of good food, I played and cuddled with the cats, went to a midsummer (Sankt Hans) party at their neighbors house, got a little drunk and spend the next day chilling and watching gardening programs with my mom. Haha I just love how everything is so hygge (-ligt aka. cosy) there, even watching gardening programs! I truly enjoy doing pretty much anything as long as I get to spend some quality time with my family. There is no place like home – I might be 27, but I will always consider my parents’ place my home and whenever I visit I rarely want to leave ♥

– I went to Ikea with my friend Sandra, who I hadn’t spend quality time with in forever, and my little sister Laura. I just LOVE going to Ikea, at least for the first hour or two and then it slowly starts to get weary and by the time we get to the checkouts I just cannot get out of there fast enough! Haha does anyone else feel like that? We started off in the cafeteria as it is tradition for us and I just had to get my (kinda gross) favorites aka. fries with bernaise sauce (the dish included chicken breast and veggies as well, but who cares about that) and Faxe Kondi (the BEST soda!), it is seriously one of my favorite guilty pleasures! I stocked up on plants, but otherwise didn’t buy much, which has got to be a first. I could easily go there just for the plants though, they are much cheaper there than anywhere else and they often have a pretty impressive selection, it is paradise for a plantlover like myself! We ended the day with lots of sushi, life is good ♥

– My sister and I have also been working on turning our basement into our new office. We have been busy working on the house and gardens since we moved in, but aside from getting it painted then we haven’t really done much work on the basement until now. It is a shame since it is actually pretty huge and has so much potential + the best part is that two of the rooms are already pretty gorgeous for a basement with tile floors and good light from the windows. We are now working on turning those two rooms into some cute offices, so we have a place to go when we really want to get into work mode and get sh*t done! It can be a challenge to work from home and we both get distracted quite easily, so hopefully having an office will help us be more efficient.

∼ My new favorite kind of tea ∼

I have recently become fond of making my own tea with herbs from my garden, it is so fresh and delicious + inexpensive as well. It was my mother who first got me hooked on it when I visited her a while back and I have been making it ever since – especially now while we have had the pleasure of having elderflowers in the garden as well. The blooms are sadly almost all gone now, but I will just have to get creative and find new things to add.

My favorite combo is mint leaves, lemon balm, elderflower, lemon slices and honey. Simply add everything to a cup and pour boiling water onto it. Let it sit for 5-10 minutes before drinking. Enjoy!

fil-08-07-2017-16-51-41 fil-08-07-2017-16-51-27
∼ Filling my house with peonies before the season is completely over ∼

Peonies are my absolute favorite flower and the season is sadly quite short and almost completely over, so I have been splurging a little and upping my normal flower budget, so I could enjoy these beauties while they last.

∼ My favorite summer snacks – Danish strawberries and peas + mixed seedless grapes ∼

It is not only peonies that have a short season, so I plan on taking full advantage of the beyond delicious Danish strawberries and peas while they are here. I always get a bit sad when berry season is over, but thankfully I have got a garden full of berries this year and many of my raspberry plants carry fruit in the fall, so I won’t run out of berries anytime soon ♥

Gestuz lemon dress
∼ My favorite new dress and a little sneak peek of my livingroom ∼

I usually wear all black or mostly black with some white and grey, but lately I have been drawn to colorful printed dresses and I just can’t seem to get enough! Earlier this week I splurged and bought this gorgeous and super colorful yellow dress from Gestuz.

Some of you have been asking me where I bought the dress after showing it on my snapstory. It is sadly sold out almost everywhere, but I was lucky to find it in my size from the webshop right here! You can also find the dress here, here and here (affiliate links), but most sizes are sadly already soldout.

∼ When my shoot was interrupted in the best kind of way ∼

My sister’s cats decided to crash my little smoothie bowl shoot the other day. I mean if you gotta get interrupted while working then this has got to be one of the best ways. Cute little fur babies ♥

Haha and yeah I am totally busted, I don’t have some big fancy setup or a professional studio – okay you could probably tell from my photos, but still ;) When I shoot I usually just bring large chopping boards and photo backgrounds into my bedroom and shoot on the bed or in the windowsill, because my bedroom has the best light in the apartment. And with photography it is all about the light!

∼ Harvesting the very first radishes from my garden ∼

My parents helped me setup raised garden beds in the spring (perfect for those of us with backproblems) and now I am slowly starting to harvest some of my homegrown veggies, I am so excited! Having a garden after living in the heart of Copenhagen for so long without as much as a courtyard or a balcony and now finally being able to grow my own vegetables and berries just makes me so happy!


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