Baked strawberries and rhubarbs with orange and vanilla

Lovely little things // Summer dresses, healthy treats and edible flowers

∼ Ready for summer to make it’s proper entry with my new summer dresses ∼

Hi lovelies! It is time for another post in my ‘Lovely little things’ series, I hope you enjoy getting little glimpses into my everyday life. For me these posts are the perfect opportunity to stop and appreciate those little things in life ♥

Not much have happened since last week. Most of my friends are away on vacation and I need to not only catch up on work, but really get ahead of it, so that I do not have to work while I go away on a family vacay next month. Our parents have invited my sister and I on a little road trip to Hamburg and a cute little town called Wernigerode in Harzen and I am so excited! We used to go on trips like that with our parents all the time, but it has been such a long time since we last went away together, so I am really looking forward to all of us having some quality time together. Let me know if you have any tips for Hamburg or Wernigerode, what to see, where to eat, where to shop etc. – I would really appreciate it! ♥

I have been shopping a little too much lately, ooopsie ;) But at least now I am all set with cute summer outfits for our little vacay! I have my two favorite printed dresses that I showed you last week and I just managed to snag the two wrap dresses pictured above, which is quite a miracle since they have been sold out for more than a month!! If you are Danish, then you probably know what I am talking about, these dresses are total blogger favorites, which means that they were pretty much instantly sold out nationwide. #thelemmingeffect I kept an eye on them online though and last week I got lucky – there were two dresses, one in each color, available in my size – score!! Haha sweet materialistic bliss ;) They are so cute, cheap and super comfortable though, so I understand the hype. I found the dresses right here and here if you want to try your luck and you might also get lucky and find the blue dress right here and the black dress here (affiliate links)! Oh and they should be back in stock next month + they will be available in red and green as well, so you should be able to get your hands on them then :)

fil-16-07-2017-16-17-37 fil-16-07-2017-16-16-23
∼ Filling my house with sunflowers now that the peony season is sadly over ∼

I know it is silly, but I always get sad when peony season ends. They are my favorite flowers and they always manage to put a smile on my face – even on the worst of days. When I discovered that peonies were completely out of season last week (after looking for them in all my usual stores), I stumbled upon these beyond gorgeous sunflowers instead and while they are pretty much complete opposites, then I think they are just as beautiful so no sadness this time. Sunflowers reminds me of the sun (duh), of summer, of happiness and most importantly they remind me of my beloved late aunt. She was like the sun, the kind of person who everyone loved and who had the most infectious smile and positive attitude (even though she was dealt the most unfair cards in life). She passed away way too young and while it has been many years now, I still think of her and her beautiful smile whenever I see sunflowers.

fil-17-07-2017-13-25-02 fil-17-07-2017-13-25-25 fil-17-07-2017-13-25-58
∼ I finally found the perfect cabinet for all my new ceramics ∼

My ceramics collection grew rapidly after the shoots for my upcoming cookbook and since my kitchen is quite small, then I needed a new place to store everything. After searching through pretty much every Danish online store that sells furniture I finally found this perfect cabinet! The photos really does not do it justice. It is made from iron and has a bit of a New York’ish vibe with the glass doors. You can find it right here!

This is not in any way sponsored by the way (sadly), haha it was a bit pricey ;) But I cannot recommend it enough, the cabinet is gorgeous and it was delivered the day after I ordered it (on a saturday even!) and the guy delivering it helped us carry it upstairs + gave tips on how to assemble it. Instead of just dumping it in the driveway like I have experienced most times when I have had furniture delivered.

I still haven’t organized it properly and I have only added about half of my ceramics, but I already know that it is going to be good! ♥

∼ Finally having my hair back to a normal color ∼

So if you follow me on Instagram, then you know that I quite impulsively dyed my hair purple a couple of weeks ago. It was with a non-permant color and I knew of others who had used it without any problems, so I didn’t really think much about, I just thought it would be fun. I absolutely loved the purple and it was a fun and cute color, but when I washed it out a couple of days later, then my hair turned green (!!), GREEN! Haha that was definitely not the color I was going for, so after a while and a billion hair washes (I really hoped it would wash out), then I went to my moms hairdresser to get it fixed – I can really recommend her btw, so much cheaper than the hairdressers in Copenhagen and the result was better than I had even dared to hope for! She managed to completely get the green out and turn my hair blonde again, haha I think I will stay away from dying my own hair for a while ;)

fil-16-07-2017-16-19-00 fil-16-07-2017-16-18-37
∼ My tropaeolum majus taking over my raised garden beds ∼

You guys know how much I love my edible flowers, so when my dad helped me set up raised garden beds in my garden, then I of course had to add some edible flowers as well. I grew these gorgeous tropaeolum majus from seed and they seem to be enjoying their spot in the garden beds, because they are starting to completely take over the whole thing! Haha I am desperately trying to make them stay clear of my beets and carrots, but it seems like mission impossible! I LOVE these beauties and I finally have an endless supply of edible flowers (the leaves are edible too!), but I think it is time to do some heavy trimming and maybe even move them to a large pot instead, so they will stay clear of my poor veggies. Any tips would be greatly appreciated! ♥

∼ Testing yummy new dessert recipes ∼

I have spent the weekend testing lots of new dessert recipes for you guys and this one was a big hit, so I will share the recipe right here on the blog in a day or two – can you guess what it is? I promise to share recipes as soon as possible so stay tuned ;) Oh and let me know if you have any wishes or requests, I love experimenting with new recipes!

fil-16-07-2017-16-18-49 fil-16-07-2017-16-18-00 fil-16-07-2017-16-17-02
∼ Little flowery glimpses from around the house and garden ∼


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