Recipes I want to try // Summer edition

Workout Wear // Fashionable Monotones

1. Nike sports bra – here and here! 2. Nike free run flyknit trainers – here and similar here! 3. Adidas long-sleeved shirt – here! 4. Under Armour top – here and similar here! 5. Nike hoodie – here! 6. Adidas trefoil logo top – here! 7. Nike vintage tank – here! 8. Nike free trainers – here! 9. Nike tights – here + similar here, here and here!

I know to some it probably sounds bit silly to talk about fashionable workout wear, but I honestly feel so much more motivated to actually get my sh*t together and go workout, when I wear clothes that I not only feel comfortable in, but also think I look good in. Yeah maybe a little vain, but whatever works right?

As I have often mentioned before, I pretty much live in my workout wear these days. I mostly work from home and it is just so easy and comfy to throw on, so I like to have a selection of workout wear that looks nice and somewhat presentable if I have to run some errands and such – haha to be completely honest I even wear it in the studio when we do magazine shoots, I mean you gotta be comfortable right?! ;)

My workout wear is in stark contrast to the otherwise colorful printed dresses that I like to wear when I actually decide to make more of an effort. My workout wear is mostly all black with some white and grey mixed in, black is just the best color for working out, I mean, if you sweat a lot then you get it. Some girls can work out like a total maniac for an hour and not sweat at all. I am not one of those girls. I am just going to stick to my black tights, so it doesn’t like I have peed my pants at the end of my workout – haha yeah sorry about the tmi, but hey I like to keep it real and most girls sweat a lot when working out. There’s no shame in that – work hard, sweat hard ;)

..and yes I know I have included some grey tights in the collage, but they are just for chilling, haha Like I said, I mostly just wear my workout wear instead of regular clothes these days – I really need to find an officespace! Working from home does make you a bit lazy.. and kinda sloppy I guess, but hey comfort wins!


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