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A look inside my new fridge – a foodies best friend!

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fil-10-08-2017-20-19-18Sponsored. This post is made in collaboration with Bosch.

I have been so excited to finally share this post with you guys! A good fridge is a foodies best friend, (especially when you use as much fresh produce as I do on an daily basis), so when it was time for me to get a new fridge I had a lot of requirements regarding its different functions and qualities.

It was very important to me that my future fridge would be environmentally friendly, that it would be able to store my rather large amounts of produce, that it would be able to keep it fresh for as long as possible and that it would be stylish as well – I spend a lot of time in the kitchen, I want it to look good ;)

When Bosch reached out to me and asked me whether I would like to try one of the fridges from their VitaFresh series, then I quickly went online to research whether or not it would be suitable for my needs and meet my requirements. I am very particular with my kitchen appliances, so I wasn’t sure that it would be a match for me or that it would even fit in my tiny kitchen.

I already have several appliances from Bosch, both from our previous collaboration, but also appliances like my juicer, washing machine and dryer that I bought myself because I love the brand and their products, so I already knew that their products would be of high quality. However, I am not blindly loyal to a brand and it also needed to match my quite specific requirements, which is why I closely read up on all the specifics before deciding on anything.

I rather quickly discovered that this model of VitaFresh fridges not only met all my requirements, but actually even exceeded them! I will specify exactly why I choose this model and how it met all my requirements below, but first I want to share a little video I shot to really show off the fridge and just how spacious it is! It is my very first video, so please bear with me, I definitely need a little practice.

As you can tell from the video, my first and most important requirement was met – the fridge actually fits in my tiny kitchen! But it is still super spacious and I was easily able to fit all the produce shown on the table in fridge (except the bananas and tomatoes, I don’t refrigerate those).

Another requirement was that it needed to be environmentally friendly, which was met as well. The fridge is energy efficient with an A++ energy label and the freezer has a NoFrost feature, which means that it will perform more efficiently and never need defrosting (a BIG plus, I absolutely hate defrosting!).

These are all qualities that can be found in an array of the fridges on the market, so what really sold me on this fridge was its impressive system to keep produce fresh for up to three times as long as most other fridges on the market. Since creating recipes is my main job, then I always have a lot of vegetables and fruit on hand – especially after big magazine shoots! It can sometimes be hard to keep it fresh for long enough for me to eat all of it and I really hate food going to waste, so the fact that the fridge supposedly can keep produce fresh much longer was the most important selling point for me. I still need to really put it to the test, but the technology behind it sounds very promising.

The fridge is divided into different zones that ensures that the different kinds of produces is stored in the most optimal way. There is a separate VitaFresh Pro drawer for fruit and vegetables as well as a drawer for meat and fish – both drawers are only 0 degrees celsius as opposed to the 4 degrees celsius in the rest of the fridge, which along with the built in moisture control helps keep the produce fresh for up to three times as long as a regular fridge without moisture control. I am super excited to put these features to the test, I have already set aside a couple of fruit and veggies in the fridge that I will keep an eye on in order to check how long they will last – I will be back with an update!

..first I should probably read up on how to properly store everything though. I thought I was quite good at it, but I read this guide on how to store your produce and I have been storing a lot of things in the fridge that should actually just be kept at roomtemperature – oopsie! It also a helpful guide to how you should set the moisture control in the fridge – veggies for example prefers higher levels of moisture than fruit does.

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The most important boxes have already been ticked off, but I would like to mention a couple of nice features that I actually only noticed after I got the fridge. I really love that it has electronic temperature control and a LCD display to keep track of everything and easily control the temperatur in the fridge, freezer and in the VitaFresh Pro drawers. There is also a built in MultiAirflow system that helps create and keep a steady temperature in the fridge. In my old fridge I always struggled to control the temperature and had to add a thermometer to keep check of the degrees, so these new features are another big plus! Another nice feature is the AirFreshFilter with antiBacteria that neutralizes unwanted smells and not only helps to keep the fridge fresh, but also helps filters bacteria from the air.

And last, but not least! The fridge is so sleek and stylish + it goes perfectly with the rest of my appliances that are also made from steel. It was important to me that it would match my owen and dishwasher for a more uniform look in the kitchen.

So far it ticks all the boxes, but there is no way to truly tell until I have properly tested it for a couple of weeks. I have been away on vacation for most of the time that I have had the fridge, so it still haven’t been able to properly put to the test. It is very important for me to test it throughly before I let you know whether or not I can recommend it, so I will get back to you in a couple of weeks and share what I think of it and whether it lives up to my (quite high) expectations.

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