No-bake chocolate cake with cashew raspberry frosting

Lovely little things // Cats, collagen & my first proper harvest

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∼ My favorite summer dress and currants from my parents garden, thank’s dad ♥ ∼

Evening lovelies! It is time for another post in my ‘Lovely little things’ series, I hope you enjoy getting these little glimpses into my everyday life. For me these posts are the perfect opportunity to stop and appreciate those little things in life ♥

This post was actually supposed to be posted last week before I went away on a family vacation to Germany with my parents and sister, but a lot of things came up and I didn’t manage to finish it in time for the trip. While we were away I decided to just pull the plug and relax completely without having to worry about work, so I never got to finish the post. I actually had so many recipes and other blogposts already prepared for you guys, but I still needed to add finishing touches to them and I felt like it was more important to just enjoy some much needed quality time with my family.

Since this weeks Lovely Little Things was actually supposed to be posted last week, then it doesn’t include anything about our Germany trip or the photos of my cookbook that I had promised you guys a little sneak peek of. I know some of you had been looking forward to hear about our trip and seeing the book, but I promise that it will be included in next weeks post instead + I will do a post entirely dedicated to the book on Friday when it is finally available in stores, eek I am so excited!! ♥

∼ Jumping aboard the collagen bandwagon ∼

After seeing all my favorite bloggers rave about collagen, then I of course had to give it a try myself. I am using this one (affiliate link) and I promise to give an update on how I like it, results etc. when I have used it regularly for a couple of months.

So far I can definitely recommend it though, it mixes really well and it is flavorless, which is a big plus in my book. I haven’t been able to taste it at all when I have added two scoops to my matcha latte, it just makes it extra foamy – another big plus!

Some of you have been asking and I promise that I will post a proper recipe for my matcha latte asap, but I pretty much just add a bit of oat milk (about 100 ml), hot water (about 200 ml), 1/4 teaspoon pure vanilla powder, 1 teaspoon matcha, 2 scoops collagen and a tiny bit of maple syrup to a blender and pulse until it is nice and foamy. So easy, so delicious! I make a couple of different variations, but I will share the recipes in a blogpost soon.

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∼ The first harvest from my little garden ∼

I have been able to pick some berries here and there and a bunch of radishes, but it is not until last week that I was finally able to harvest a little bit of everything that I have planted in the garden – baby carrots and beets, a zucchini, sweet potatoes, edible flowers and flowers for bouquets, raspberries, golden raspberries, black currants, red currants and blueberries. I know it probably sounds a bit silly, but it just makes me so happy to be able to grow my own produce and flowers! Even though I am just getting started with my garden and can only harvest tiny amounts at a time, it still brings me so much joy!

∼ Molly cuddling with grandpa Pelle ∼

One of the best parts about visiting my parents (besides seeing them of course) are spending quality time (aka. cuddle time) with the fur babies. Pelle is 16 years old and is the grumpy grandpa that Molly and Olly adore despite his bad tempter. His health isn’t that good anymore, so I am going to try to visit more. I always worry that he might not have that much time left, but then again, my dad have been saying that for at least the past 6 years and Pelle is still alive and kicking ;)

I hate that I don’t see them more often, but at least I get daily visits from my sister’s little terrorists. My poor plants are not very fond of them and neither is my couch that they love to use as a scratching post, but everything that is that cute and fluffy seem to get away with a lot around here..

∼ Homegrown flowers from my garden ∼

Are you beginning to sense a theme in this weeks Lovely Little Things? ;) Homegrown everything! These super colorful little homegrown beauties just makes me so happy when I look at them. They were supposed to be much larger and there were supposed to be a lot more of them, but with this terrible summer weather (or a complete lack thereof), then I am just happy that I managed to at least grow some flowers.

∼ More colorful printed dresses for my little collection ∼

As some of you have probably noticed, I am pretty obsessed with colorful printed dresses at the moment and I have managed to add quite a few to my growing collection these past few months. The newest additions are a red frill dress from Gina Tricot (I just found this one that I actually like better, so I might return the other one) and a green dress with a very popular print from Ganni that I managed to grab on sale (affiliate links) and marked down 50% – score!

∼ A house guest and Tivoli visit ∼

Our third cousin Laura, who we had never previously met, came to stay with my sister and I for a couple of days and it was so much fun getting to know more of our family. Our immediate familie (cousins included) are very close, but other than that we don’t have much contact with the rest of our family, so it was lovely to get to know her a little.

Mom invited the three of us to have dinner in Tivoli one of the nights during her stay. It was such a great night with great food and wine, churros (a must whenever we visit Tivoli), little glimpses of the friday night concerts, trying some of our favorite rides from when we were kids and trying to win prizes at some of the different faires (I of course failed miserably and our mom won pretty much every time as usual).

∼ Floating edible flowers from the garden ∼

As I shared last week, my tropaeolum majus (aka. the flowers above) are growing so much that they are taking over my raised garden beds and now also a lot of my garden. I am trying to trim the plants a bit and use the flowers as much as possible, both for decorating and in my cooking. I love to add the flowers to bowls of water and place them around the house, they look so pretty and I always have edible flowers on hand that I can use to decorate my smoothie bowls, salads etc. with.

∼ Dinner and drinks at one of Illum’s rooftop restaurants ∼

I finally got around to visit Illum’s hyped rooftop and I see why people love it so much. The view is great, it is full of amazing restaurants and I absolutely love the relaxed and summery vibe. I went there with my friend Laura after we had watched Tulip Fever in the cinema, so we were quite full after all our “mandatory” cinema snacks and only had room for a salad, but I need to go back and try some of all the amazing dishes on the menu! We went to Bar Jacobsen and it was lovely, but I really want to try the hyped (blogger favorite) Rossopomodoro next time.



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