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Lovely little things // Family roadtrip, launch of my book, birthday gifts + more

∼ The most beautiful chocolates from our Bali trip ∼

Evening lovelies! It is time for another post in my ‘Lovely little things’ series, I hope you enjoy getting these little glimpses into my everyday life. For me these posts are the perfect opportunity to stop and appreciate those little things in life ♥

This time it is all about my family roadtrip to Germany, the launch of my book, my birthday + a couple of more ordinary little everyday things, haha this week is pretty glam for my standards though ;)

I am on my way downstairs to watch the new episode of Power with my sister, so I will just let the photos (and their captions) do the talking. Have a nice evening everyone ♥

fil-21-08-2017-11-00-25 fil-21-08-2017-11-32-22 fil-21-08-2017-11-38-23 fil-21-08-2017-11-00-55 fil-21-08-2017-10-57-48
∼ Snapshots from Wernigerode ∼

A little glimpse into our family roadtrip to Wernigerode – how cute is that place?! Very Harry Potter’ish – did you see my instastory with the gorgeous old school coal train we rode to the top of the “mountain”? I think it was more of a very high hill, but it was gorgeous none the less and we felt like we were riding on the Hogwarts Express, haha such a wonderful geek moment for us! I am actually thinking about doing a full blogpost on Wernigerode (it’s such a little gem), so I am just going to let the photos speak for themselves for now – I can definitely recommend staying there for a couple of days though!

We stayed a couple of days in Hamburg as well, but the weather wasn’t on our side and we spent most of the time shopping and eating, so I don’t really have any proper photos ;) The city is amazing though, so beautiful and there were so many amazing shops and cosy little streets. I will definitely have to return soon!

fil-21-08-2017-11-30-42 fil-21-08-2017-11-30-05 fil-21-08-2017-11-29-11
∼ The most beautiful bouquets from the day of my launch, I have the best friends and family ♥ ∼

∼ Launch dinner with the fam – good company, my book, g&t’s and my new dress ∼

fil-21-08-2017-11-28-50 fil-21-08-2017-11-27-41
∼ The most precious birthday gift ∼

I am always the worst at coming up with birthday and christmas wishes and whenever I actually find something, then it is usually too boring, expensive or difficult for people to buy, which is completely unfair, so instead I told everyone that they shouldn’t buy me gifts this year. I absolutely LOVE to both give and receive gifts, but I hate when you give gifts just to give gifts. I mean they should be special and mean something or at least be something that the person really needs, so I thought I should just skip it this year.

That didn’t really happen though, instead everyone just came up with gifts on their own and I must say that it is some of the best gifts that I have ever received! I feel so lucky to have friends and family like that and it was amazing to see what they came up with, it really says a lot about how well they know you and how much attention they have paid – they all did so well!! I absolutely LOVED all my gifts, so thoughtful, but I just want to highlight this gorgeous fig tree that my cousin Emilie got for me, isn’t it just perfect!? Makes me happy just looking at it ♥

∼ Always eating the rainbow ∼

∼ My kind of souvenirs, Nike and Primark sneakers bought in Hamburg ∼

∼ Daily power walks in the park ∼

I am still having problems with my knee (and my back, but that’s not going to get any better), so instead of running I am trying to go for an hour long power walk everyday. I really need the exercise and so far I have found that I cannot run, bike, use an elliptical or a rowing machine without hurting my knee, so walking it is! Thankfully there’s a cute (but tiny) park close to our house, so it makes it a bit easier to get moving – walking just isn’t as much fun or fulfilling as running, so I need some extra motivation in the form of pretty surroundings.


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