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On Wednesdays We Wear Pink


Good afternoon lovelies! Today is just one of those sucky days where the weather is absolutely terrible, I have to do my taxes, my fridge is pretty much empty and I have the worst headache, so I have decided that what this grey Wednesday needs is a whole lotta pink!

I mean, you can’t help, but be a little happy when looking at this much pink right?! Haha and I am not even the type to usually wear pink! I got inspired to make the post by Cathrine aka. the woman behind one my favorite blogs Rockpaperdresses, who makes a OWWWP post every single Wednesday – now that’s some serious dedication to the cause! ♥

I have made a little collage with some of my favorite pink finds, there’s of course a lot of Nike (still Nike obsessed), but I think my personal favorites are actually the Ban.Do gym bag, the Mean Girls pencil set and the Puma sports bra – do you guys like my picks? You can find links to everything below ↓

1.) Nike tank top – here! 2.) Ban.Do pizza gym bag – here! 3.) Mean Girls pencil set – here!
4.) Nike suede trainer – here!  5.) Nike tank top – here! 6.) Nike skipping rope – here!
7.) Nike shorts – here! 8.) Nike yoga matt – here! 9.) Nike Roshe trainers – here!
10.) Misfit activity tracker – here! 11.) Puma sports bra – here! 12.) OWWWP mug – here!
13.) Nike vintage playsuit – here! 14.) Misfit activity tracker – here!


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Pickled radishes - Perfect topping for salads, avo sandwiches + more