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Lovely Little Things // A breakfast favorite, making new friends, the most gorgeous dress + a giveaway

∼ A summery breakfast favorite ∼

Evening lovelies! It is time for another post in my ‘Lovely little things’ series, I hope you enjoy getting these little glimpses into my everyday life. For me these posts are the perfect opportunity to stop and appreciate those little things in life ♥

First I want to share my current favorite breakfast (pictured above), it is the perfect way to use the last rhubarbs and berries from the garden + it is just so unbelievably delicious! I simply top greek yoghurt with homemade compote, almond butter, fresh berries, my favorite almond butter granola (recipe in my cookbook) and bee pollen, so yum! ♥

Second I really want to share this amazing new Facebook group that I have joined, it is called Find en veninde #dueraldrigalene and is started by my blogger colleague Helse Mathilde. It is mostly relevant to my fellow Danes and people living in Denmark, but it is a group where you can find new friends if you are feeling lonely or would simply like to expand your circle of friends.

I have always had few, but very close friends, which is what I have personally preferred up until now, but as we all grow older, get fulltime jobs and most of my friends are in serious relationships, then we are starting to see each other less and less. It is a normal part of life and I know that our friendships are solid (well except one that might have run its course, but sh*t happens), so I am not really concerned about that, but since we are not able to see each other as often anymore, then I feel like it is time to expand my circle of friends a little.

It is often a bit taboo to talk about loneliness or the need for more friends, which is something that I have never really understood. There are so many statistics that show how more than 250.000 (!!) Danes feels lonely (and of course much, much larger numbers on a global basis), so instead of being ashamed of something that is completely normal, then it is time to do something about it!

As I have shared before I suffer from social anxiety, but I chose to ignore my instincts and say yes to go out for dinner and drinks with 4 girls that I had never met before. I ended up having a great night and I have actually already met up with one of the girls for another night out with amazing food and lots of wine – haha there is definitely lots of friend potential there!

I cannot recommend the group enough, I think it is such a great way to meet new people in this kind of anti-social age of social media + everyone is in the same situation and are looking to meet new people, so there is nothing be shy or embarrassed about. If you are not located in Denmark, then you should still check if there are similar groups in your area and if there isn’t, then maybe you could be the one to create it! Let me know if you do so, I would love to help you spred the word ♥

∼ The best kind of gift! A new colorful beauty to add to my dress collection ∼

I got this beyond gorgeous Gestuz dress as a gift from one of my favorite webshops Sirup (I have already mentioned it in this post) and the best part is that I get to give one of you lovelies a dress as well! Head on over to my Instagram to participate – find the giveaway right here!

∼ Eating leftover white bean pancakes with summery compote ∼

∼ Copies of my cookbook Regnbuemad have taken over my living rooms ∼

When you publish a book you usually get a decent amount of copies of your book to share with friends and family, but pretty much all of mine have already bought the book themselves, so now my apartment is full of extra copies!

Not really a bad problem to have, but I would like to share a couple of them, so if you are a blogger or influencer and would like a copy, then just send me an email at – first come, first served! I of course also have a bunch of them that I want to give to you guys supporting me by reading the blog and following on social media, so a very special giveaway will be coming to the blog (and instagram as well) very soon! ♥

You can read more about my book right here and you can buy it right here!

∼ My first Iherb haul, so many goodies! ∼

Inspired by one of my favorite Danish bloggers, Emma Martiny, I have finally given Iherb a chance! I have always wanted to order from them (they have such a large selection and everything is so cheap compared to Danish prices!!), but the risk of having to pay taxes kept me from ordering until now. I did end up having to pay quite a bit in taxes and handling fees, but I had calculated what that would be before ordering and it was actually still a very good price after paying all that, so it was completely worth it! Yep it really is that much cheaper to from the US, kinda crazy right?!

I think I am going to do a little post on my haul, where I write more about each product that I ordered and why + how I plan on using it and how the whole process of ordering from Iherb was – let me know if you would be interested in that!

Oh and if you want to order from Iherb, then you get 5-10% off with the code MIL2933 (affiliate code)

∼ My favorite new photography art print ∼

Some of you have been asking me about this poster after seeing it in last weeks LLT post, so I thought I would give you a quick update on it. I absolutely LOVE prints like these as they are an affordable way of adding a bit of art to your walls and they always bring me so much joy when I look at them – a bit geeky I know! One of my favorite places to buy these kinds of photography art posters are from Fotografiska, it is where my Kurt Cobain (I used to be so obsessed with him!) print by Anton Corbijn that is pictured above is from. It is a Swedish site and their prints are super affordable, they have an amazing selection + quick delivery, so I can definitely recommend the it.

I really like to use Desenio and Just Spotted (affiliate links) for affordable posters as well, but they are a bit more commercial and not as “artsy” as the ones from Fotografiska.

∼ Enjoying a glass of wine after a succesfull day in the studio ∼

Last week I finally got to meet Camilla from Copenhagen by Me and Maria from Vanløse Blues after knowing them through social media for such a long time! Camilla is working on her first cookbook (all about waffles, it does not get much better than that!!) and she is actually signed to the same publisher as I am! I heard that she might need a bit of help while shooting the photos from her upcoming cookbook (you can pre-order it right here!), so I volunteered to stop by the studio and lend her a hand in the kitchen.

I am so glad that I finally got to meet not only her, but also Maria who were there as her foodstylist, it was so much fun to get to know these two power women a little! I love meeting other people who are in this crazy business, it is always great to share experiences and knowledge!

After a successful day of shooting (and eating wayy too many beyond delicious waffles), Camilla and I went out for a much needed glass of wine + I finally got to try Raw42 after years of hearing so much about it – thank you for taking me Camilla! All in all it was just such a great day and such a positive experience to meet likeminded people who work in the same field as I do – I rarely go to events and such, so I actually don’t really know too many other bloggers.


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