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Lovely little things // Mini vacay by the sea, garden treasures and new buys

Homegrown edible flowers and raspberries∼ Little homegrown treasures from the garden – edible flowers and raspberries ∼

Evening lovelies! It is time for another post in my ‘Lovely little things’ series, I hope you enjoy getting these little glimpses into my everyday life. For me these posts are the perfect opportunity to stop and appreciate those little things in life ♥

I am finally feeling better and I thank my daily smoothies and superfood matcha lattes for a quick recovery. It is time for me to get back to work and I am so excited! I have bought a new camera so that I can finally start filming and make a youtube videos!! I have been wanting to do this for SO long and now it is finally happening! I will start out with food/recipe/DIY videos, but I really want to try filming vlogs as well – I am so awkward and camera shy though, so we will see how that goes. Let me know if there are any specific recipes or videos in particular that you would like for me to film!

I would liked to have filmed a garden tour for you guys, but the sudden change in weather and the fact that autumn has most definitely arrived means that there sadly is not much to show you. Right now I am just in a hurry to make the most of what little is left in the garden before it is too late. As you can see in the photo above I have been busy picking edible flowers and berries like there’s no tomorrow!

I can’t believe that summer is over, it actually never really arrived here in Denmark in the first place and this cold and gloomy weather is starting to make me a bit sad. Soon I won’t have any flowers, berries or produce left in my garden and I am just not ready for that yet – it probably seems silly, but it just really brightens my day.

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∼ A mini vacay with my family by the sea ∼

Last weekend I went for a quick getaway by the sea in my parents little vacation house. It was so nice to spend some much needed quality time with my family and to just relax, eat lots of good food (and ice cream, yuum!!), go for long walks, drink lots of wine and to enjoy what turned out to be the very last days of summer ♥

Trendday wrap dress
∼ Another day, another wrap dress ∼

Am I getting a little too predictable? ;) I know my collection of printed wrap dresses is getting a little out of control, but they are just so comfortable and very flattering – I have gained a bit of weight recently and wrap dresses perfectly accentuates my curves while I don’t have to worry about sucking it in all the time ;)

One of my newer additions to my collection is this green wrap dress from Trendday, it sadly seems to be sold out at the moment, but you can find a similar one here and it is also available in yellow right here!

Flying Tiger cheap ceramics
∼ My gorgeous new budget friendly ceramics ∼

My favorite matcha latte topped with bee pollen
∼ My favorite mactha latte sprinkled with bee pollen and the blogger dress ∼

∼ A rare photo of yours truly with my favorite flowers ∼

I still absolutely hate being in front of the camera, but as you might have noticed I am trying to go in a new direction with the blog. I want to add a more personal aspect with a focus not only on food, but also lifestyle, fashion, beauty, home and much more (I will elaborate soon!), so I will just need to get over it and try to get more comfortable in front of the camera.

My favorite fall breakfast bowl
∼ A fall favorite breakfast bowl ∼

Now that fall is here and berry season is almost over it is time for me to mix it up with my breakfast bowls. A new favorite of mine is this yummy bowl with greek yoghurt mixed with a little pure vanilla powder and maple sirup topped with unsweetened apple sauce, almond butter, apple, pomegranate and my favorite almond butter granola from my cookbook Regnbuemad.


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