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On my wishlist // Colorful additions to my home


I have lived in my house for almost a year and a half now, but I am still working on getting completely settled. I lived in the tiniest apartment before, so I pretty much had to start from scratch with the furniture and decorating. I of course started with all the bare necessities and since this is the first time since I moved out from my parents place that I have really felt at home, then I wanted to get furniture that will last for a long time and that I really love. This means a little less Ikea (still love Ikea though!) and more high quality unique pieces, which sadly also costs lots more $$$ ;)

Because of this it has taken me quite a while to get settled and finish decorating, but I feel like I am finally done with all the larger furniture and now I mostly need those extra little things that adds a more personal and cosy touch.

Up until now I have mostly invested in quite color neutral scandinavian pieces with a rustic touch – except my blue couches of course (you can see a little sneak peek of my livingroom here) – so I want to add a bit of color here and there. I am especially hooked on the rug and cushions + the beyond gorgeous matcha bowls ♥

Matcha bowls green and red glaze ∼ Baya Mahieddine poster ∼ Kandinsky poster
Storebror cushion ∼ Storebror rug ∼ Munch bowls orange and blue 
Green Factory Bonsai ∼ Vogue The Covers ∼ Affiliate links


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