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Recipes I want to try // All things pumpkin

37255174981_126464c804_hPumpkin spice pancakes by The Simple Veganista – find the recipe right here!

While I am not really a fall or winter kind of person (I’ll take spring and summer any day!), then I have actually found some surprising joy in the shift of weather this year. The leaves changing colors, cosying up under blankets with lots of tea and a good book, fluffy knitted sweaters, candles and a change of seasonal produce. I have rarely found joy in those things as I have always been too busy mourning the loss of summer, but this year I have felt it and I have decided to try and embrace this change in season as much as I possibly can.

At the top of on my list are 1.) to buy new fluffy knitted sweaters and 2.) to get creative with the produce that are now in season. I have always been better at using summer produce, but I just need to try a little harder and really embrace the fall produce. First up we have pumpkins, which I still haven’t really grown to love. I made a lot of pumpkin recipes last year and I enjoyed them, but I am honestly still not that fond of pumpkin. I find the taste to be a bit strange in savory recipes (unless I make it really spicy), it is simply too sweet for me, so I think I want to focus on recipes that really embraces the sweetness of the pumpkin instead – mainly dessert recipes, but it works great in breakfast recipes as well.

To really kick off my pumpkin recipe testing I have found 5 beyond delicious pumpkin recipes from my favorite bloggers that I need to try as soon as possible – how good does these look?! Yum! ♥

pumpkin-granola-5Favorite pumpkin granola by Pinch of Yum – find the recipe right here!

gnocchi-4Pumpkin gnocchi with sage butter sauce by Pinch of Yum – find the recipe right here!

Chewy Pumpkin Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies by Sally’s Baking Addiction – find the recipe right here!

Mini Flourless Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Blender Muffins by Averie Cooks – find the recipe right here!



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