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Recipes I want to try // Fun colorful cocktails

Mango blackberry vodka cocktails by Alice Louis – find the recipe right here!

Evening lovelies! Do you have any exciting plans for the weekend? I am mostly just going to relax, clean, do laundry, organize my closet and other mind-blowingly exciting things ;) It feels nice to catch up on chores though, it has been stressing me out that I have been putting everything off and that my to-do list have just gotten longer and longer.

Next weekend will hopefully be a little wilder though, I need some quality time with my girlfriends and lots of cocktails! I have found some beyond delicious looking cocktail recipes that I want to try, so now I just need to get the snacks sorted – do you guys have any ideas?

I hope you will all have an amazing weekend – I would say drink responsibly, but where’s the fun in that ;)

Ginger raspberry kombutcha cocktail by Dietitian Debbie Dishes – find the recipe right here!

Blueberry thyme crush cocktail by Self Proclaimed Foodie – find the recipe right here!

Fresh pineapple margaritas with sweet and spicy rim salt by The Endless Meal – find the recipe right here!


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On my wishlist // Colorful additions to my home