Wrap it up! 10 colorful wrap dresses

Recipes I want to try // Warm and filling

cc Sweet potato lemon grass coconut curry by Deliciously Ella – find the recipe right here!

The weather have completely shifted here in Denmark this week and while we never had much summer to begin with, then the shift to fall weather was still so abrupt and brutal – it is so cold (I had to turn on a heater) and it has been raining for 5 days straight!

Every time fall arrives I get sick with a bad cold, sore throat, headaches, fewer etc. and as you know this year have been no different, so I have been searching the net for lots of warming recipes to help me get over this annoying cold + to help me get through fall and winter.

I have collected 5 of my favorites that I want to share with you guys, how good does these look?! I cannot wait to try them, they all look so delicious, filling and warming! Enjoy ♥

detox-broccoli-cheese-soup-1-3Detox broccoli cheese soup by Pinch of Yum – find the recipe right here!

amazing-curried-lentil-salad-with-kale-roasted-veggies-and-a-green-curry-dressing-30-minutes-vegan-glutenfree-salad-recipe-healthyCurry-roasted vegetable & lentil kale by Minimalist Baker – find the recipe right here!

Moroccan chickpea stew by Lazy Cat Kitchen – find the recipe right here!

5-ingredient green curry by Pinch of Yum – find the recipe right here!

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