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The best homemade lip scrub – a remedy for dry and chapped lips

The best natural homemade lip scrub

Morning lovelies ♥ I have gone through my archives to find this old favorite of mine that I thought would be perfect to share again this time of the year. Many of us struggle with chapped lips when the weather changes and this little remedy always works wonders for me, I hope it will work for you as well. Enjoy! ♥

I have always had problems with my lips being super dry, chapped and sore, it has even often gotten to the point where they were bleeding and so painful that it was driving me absolutely crazy! As you can imagine I have pretty much tried everything to make it better, but most products does absolutely nothing good for my lips and some even makes them worse! After searching for years for something that would actually work I have finally found three wonder products that really makes a huge difference for me (I need to use them regularly or my lips goes cray cray again though) and since I am probably not the only one with this problem I though I would share the products with you :) The first two are a combo of this balm + this lip plumbing lip gloss by NYX, a bit strange I know, but I am absolutely obsessed with it, it is the two things that truly works for me! I use the balm in the morning and before I go to bed + the plumping gloss before I go out, it makes my lips seem plump and soft, even on the worst of days this lipgloss can make my otherwise dry and chapped lips look perfectly kissable within minutes –  it is definitely an emergency remedy for dry winter lips. I know it is very individual what works for each person, but maybe this will work for you as well :)

The second little “miracle” product that has helped my dry, chapped lips are my homemade lip scrub, it so easy and cheap to make and it works wonders! I use it twice a week by simply rubbing it on my lips for about 30 seconds – 1 minute and then I leave it on my lips for the same time before wiping it off and adding  lip balm.

The best natural homemade lip scrub

1 part honey
1 part coconut sugar
A couple drops of almond oil pr. tablespoon of honey/coconut sugar
A little pure vanilla powder – optional*

Simply mix everything together and store it in an airtight container. The lip scrub should keep 2-3 weeks. To make sure it stays somewhat bacteria free I prefer to use a little wooden spatula instead of my fingers to get the product out of the jar :)

*I like to add the vanilla because I absolutely love both the scent and flavor, but it can easily be left out and does not make the lip scrub more/less effective.



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