Easy everyday food // Baked potatoes with pesto, spicy chickpeas and arugula

The future of A Million Miles – an unexpected change


This is a post that I have been wanting to write for a very long time, but I have kept putting it off as I have been a bit nervous, uncertain and indecisive about whether or not it was a good idea and whether or not you guys would like it.

It all sounds very dramatic, which it really isn’t in the grand scheme of things, but since the blog is an important part of my business and what I do for a living, then it is quite nerve-wracking to decide to mix it up and do something new. I mean, if the blog was just a little hobby of mine, then I would feel free to blog about whatever, but since it is a job for me as well, then it is of course also pretty important that my readers enjoy my content.

As some of you have noticed I have started introducing a more wide array of topics to the blog. I have actually been wanting to change it up for a very long time and my goal have been to slowly work towards becoming a more lifestyle oriented blog rather than just a food blog. I will of course keep sharing recipes with you guys and I aim to post three new recipes a week, but from now on I will also post about DIY projects, interior, fashion, beauty and much more.

The reason for the change is simply that I know I will enjoy blogging much more when I have the freedom to write about a much wider array of topics. I love creating new recipes and writing about food and health, but after working on my cookbook for almost a year and working non-stop on creating more than 100 new recipes for it, then I am starting to feel a little overwhelmed and I need a bit of a break from the constant focus on creating new recipes.

I am not a chef or in any way trained in the culinary arts. When I first started my instagram (that later on led to me starting this blog), then I could barely cook anything and it was a way for me to document my journey to a healthier life. I am so grateful that I did and that it eventually led to a new career path for me (goodbye law school), but I must admit that I feel a bit uncomfortable in this new role. I mean, I am so happy with and proud of my cookbook and my recipes here on the blog, but I am not a food guru, chef or anything like that and for food to be such an all consuming part of my life has just become too much for me.

As a result of all this I have finally taken the leap and started to introduce new topics to the blog. I might sound a bit silly, but I am already so much happier and much more excited about the future of the blog and I cannot wait to show you everything that I have in store for you! ♥

This is all still very new, so it might take me awhile to really get the blog in the direction that I want, but I hope that you guys will enjoy it and it actually already seems like you do – the more lifestyle oriented posts that I have slowly introduced this past month have surprisingly gotten more views than my food posts, so I am cautiously thinking that this change might be a succes!

I would love to hear your thoughts on the new direction of the blog + if you have any requests or wishes for future posts. Lastly, I want to thank you for all the constant support and for seemingly taking this change so very well ♥


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Easy everyday food // Baked potatoes with pesto, spicy chickpeas and arugula