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Wrap it up! 10 colorful wrap dresses

Wrap it up! 10 colorful wrap dresses

It hardly comes as a surprise to those of you that have been reading the blog these past few months that I have become just a bit obsessed with colorful printed wrap dresses. I have always been fascinated by colorful outfits (I blame Carrie for that, I have watched SATC about a million times), but up until recently I pretty much only ever wore all black outfits – maybe with a bit of white, grey or khaki thrown in there, yeah very Scandinavian ;)

I still absolutely LOVE a good all black outfit, but I have started to experiment more with my style and have come to the conclusion that life is wayy too short to not just wear whatever I want. So even though I feel like my personal style is a bit “confused” these days with both all black Kate Moss’ish outfits and very colorful Carrie Bradshaw inspired looks, then I absolutely love rock all these different kinds of outfits and really finding my own personal style without any self-imposed limits. I mean it is just clothes after all, it is not meant to be taken so seriously right?!

As you know my favorite thing to wear at the moment are colorful wrap dresses, so I have put together a little collage with 10 of my absolute favorites! I already own the two Gestuz dresses + the one from Vila and I have been looking at the blue Réalisation Par dress for so long, so that might be the next dress I add to my collection. Is a bit pricey though and my budget is kinda tight these days, so I think I might go for the pale pink H&M dress instead. Do you have a favorite? ♥

Gestuz red leopard wrap dress // Pale blue Réalisation Par wrap dress // Gestuz green wrap dress
Mango yellow flower print wrap dress // H&M pale pink flowery dress // Vila red print wrap dress
Ganni black and orange wrap dress // H&M turquoise wrap dress // Réalisation Par purple flower print wrap dress
Gestuz yellow flower print wrap dress // This post contains affiliate links 



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