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Copenhagen Food // Natur Tørst organic superfood cafe


Good afternoon lovelies! I am finally ready with my little review of Natur Tørst as promised, I don’t believe I have ever received so many messages about a place I have visited as with this one – but I totally get it, I mean how gorgous does this platter look?! ♥

So let’s get to it! Natur Tørst is a cute little cafe located on Amagerbrogade 138. It serves colorful, healthy food with a special focus on organic superfoods – right up my alley! ;)

The place is quite small (but really cosy and nicely decorated), so you might not be able to get a place to sit if you go there during peak hours and you can risk that there is a quite a long wait for your food even if you manage to get a table, but the staff is great at informing you about any potential waiting time before you order.

When we got there the place was pretty packed, but we were lucky enough to be able to get a table outside in the back, which was perfect as we could enjoy the sun and had lots of space. We were informed that there would be quite a long wait since the place was packed, but they made sure we knew this before we sat down and I honestly didn’t mind because we weren’t in a hurry and the staffs positive and welcoming attitude completely made up for any waiting time + they even gave us some free truffles as an apology for the wait, haha and you know you can totally bribe me with yummy treats ;)

Now let’s get to the food! We both ordered the nature plate aka. what I call the brunch plate and it is surprisingly affordable. You only pay 128 DKK for the platter (as pictured) and then it even includes a drink of your choice – 128DKK for both a healthy superfood brunch platter and a drink is definitely what I would call a good price, Copenhagen is usually really overpriced!

I absolutely loved the brunch platter, to me the aesthetics of food is very important, so I loved how they had really made an effort with the platters, they are so colorful and pretty! Flavor is the most important part though, but the platter did not disappoint. I am completely obsessed with the egg/avocado/sweet potato sandwich, it was jus SO good and full of flavor! I would go back there for this one alone. The greek yoghurt with fruit and granola was great as well, but I personally found the chia pudding to be a bit bland. It wasn’t bad or anything, but personally I find chia puddings to be a bit meh unless you add some extra flavor to them. Overall the brunch platter was really good and I would definitely order it again – the chia pudding was good when I just added the ekstra fruit from the platter to it.

I ordered the Camu Camu juice with the brunch platter and it was great as well, ful of flavor and very refreshing :)

I ordered a matcha latte as well (duh, I always order matche latte!) and I did like it, but there was just not enough matcha in it, the color was barely green at all, when I make them myself then I probably add three times the amount they used. The staff were super nice and serviceminded though, so they probably would have made me a new one if I asked, but they were so busy that I didn’t want to bother them.

Aaand last but not least, I also had to try the organic baobab truffles and holy .. they are GOOD!! I still constantly think of how good they are! They do not in any way taste healthy or superfood’y, I mean they are so delicious and creamy and pretty much melts in your mouth, YUM!

So all in all, I can definitely recommend the place. I probably wouldn’t choose it on a weekend if you are in a hurry, but other than that it should be fine and the food is definitely worth a potential wait. I need to go back soon (seriously the avocado sandwich and the baobab balls are the BOMB), but I rarely (as in never) go to Amager, so I will just have to plan an Amager foodie trip asap ;)

Natur Tørst is located at Amagerbrogade 138, 2300 Copenhagen and you can find their menu right here!

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  • Rigtig fin artikel. Er også stor fan af Natur Tørst.

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    • Signe - A Million Miles

      Mange tak :) Det er så dejligt, at vi begynder at få så mange sunde spisesteder i København!

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