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Lovely little things // Video shoot, organic chocolate, fall fashion and more

∼ Afternoon tea with almond butter brownie, date caramel and dark chocolate ∼

Evening lovelies! It is time for another post in my ‘Lovely little things’ series, I hope you enjoy getting these little glimpses into my everyday life. For me these posts are the perfect opportunity to stop and appreciate those little things in life ♥

It has been a while since my last LLT post and since I have even updated the blog in general, I have been working like crazy on several different shoots and campaigns + catching up on deadlines, but I am slowly getting back on track with the blog – stay tuned for some upcoming projects that I have been so excited to share with you!

fil-07-10-2017-17-59-11 fil-07-10-2017-17-58-56 fil-07-10-2017-17-58-42∼ Shooting for an upcoming campaign ∼

Two weeks ago I went to May’s gorgeous apartment for a video shoot for an upcoming campaign along with three of my fellow BD bloggers Anna, Line Sofie and Cecilie. I had such a cosy afternoon and evening in good company with lots of good food, I am so excited to see the video we shot! I will of course share it here on the blog when it is ready ♥

fil-07-10-2017-16-10-31∼ Autumn colour palette, Vila dress, H&M boots, Rebecca Minkoff bag (affiliate links) ∼

fil-07-10-2017-15-48-49∼ Protea, my newest flower obsession ∼

fil-07-10-2017-15-47-42 fil-07-10-2017-15-46-21
∼ Shooting for Iform magazine ∼

Earlier this week I spent two days shooting new recipes for Iform magazine. It is always really exhausting and I can barely walk when we are done (my back, knee and feet are killing me), but it is also a lot of fun to work in the studio, I always learn something new and the company is great – I usually work from home, so it is nice with a change of scenery!

I pretty much had my recipes featured in all this year’s copies of Iform magazine, pretty damn cool if I may say so myself :D You can find some of the recipes on their website right here!

∼ Organic chocolate party ∼

I have spent a small fortune on organic chocolate lately, but you gotta spoil yourself a little right? ;) I was kinda disappointed by the Loving Earth chocolate to be honest, I had wanted to give it a try for so long, so maybe my expectations were just too high, but I found it to be a little meh. Maybe it was just too “healthy” for me, I do like my chocolate to still be a little naughty nutritional wise.

I am completely hooked on the Chocolate and Love ones though! Especially the one with mint crunch, but I really like the sea salt and caramel one as well, so good! ♥

fil-07-10-2017-15-45-53∼ Dinner and cocktails at Veve Bistro ∼

I had the best three course dinner at Veve Bistro last friday, it is such a cosy little place with beyond delicious vegetarian food and great cocktails. I have been dreaming about the croquettes with burned garlic mayo and gin elderflower cocktail pictured above ever since, so yum!

fil-07-10-2017-15-49-12∼ My new Réalisation Par dress ∼

∼ Homemade pizza with 3 kinds of potatoes, red onion and rosemary, I am obsessed! ∼

fil-07-10-2017-15-48-36∼ Livingroom sneak peek – new bookcases, poster and cosy lights ∼


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