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5 bloggers, a steam oven and a videoshoot

fil-08-11-2017-00-45-05 fil-08-11-2017-00-43-54 fil-08-11-2017-00-42-46Sponsored. This post is made in collaboration with Gram.

Back in september I was invited to a fun day of cooking in May’s lovely home along with my fellow bloggers Anna, Line Sofie and Cecilie. The reason for our little blog get-together was that May had gotten a new Gram steam oven that we were all invited to come try. We had such a fun time cooking, talking and catching up, tasting all the delicious food and even drinking a little vine – next time I vote for white wine instead of red though ;)

Our day in the kitchen (and us enjoying the food, I mean eating is the best part of cooking food right?!) was captured by a filmcrew and turned into the video you can find below. I was a bit camera shy as always, but you are able to spot me a couple of times ;)

When we arrived at May’s cosy apartment she had already done the grocery shopping and planned what recipes we should try in her new steam oven, so there was plenty of time for us to talk and have fun in the kitchen. We tested three different dessert recipes (creme brûlée, pear trifle and apple pie) that were all specially chosen to put different functions of the steam oven to the test – and then as an extra bonus May served us a Danish traditional tartlets for dinner after a long day in the kitchen ♥

We put the oven to the test throughout the day and let me tell you, there was more than plenty of functions and programmes to go through! The oven was one of the most hightech ovens that I have ever tried (it even comes with a fancy touch screen so you can just swipe through the different functions and programmes), it had so many different functions besides the steam function (it had a convection-, pizza-, grill-, and defrosting function to name a few) and it had so many different programmes as well, which is just such a great help in the kitchen. You can read more about all the different functions and programmes right here!

We primarily used the steam function as that was main feature of the oven and the function that none of us had really had the chance to try before. The steam function had so many different programmes for making fish, frozen vegetable, potatoes, baking bread, making apple compote and even creme brûlée!! I was on pear trifle duty, so I got a chance to test how well the steam oven handles steaming fruit and while I am not used to steam ovens, then I could compare the result to how I usually steam fruit and veggies in a pot.

I had pretty high expectations, but I have to say that I was really impressed with the steam oven. It was so easy and no fuss and both the steamed pears for the trifle and the steamed apples for the apple pie turned out beyond perfect. I loved how the steamed fruit turned out so sweet, juicy and full of flavor that it wasn’t even necessary to add any sweetener to the pear compote as I would usually do.

fil-08-11-2017-00-45-16 fil-08-11-2017-00-45-36fil-08-11-2017-00-44-35

My overall impression of the steam oven was just beyond positive. I love how food cooked in a steam oven not only retains moisture better than food cooked in a convection oven, but also that it tends to retain more vitamins and minerals without the need to add oil or extra fat as you would with a traditional oven that produces dry heat. Everything we steamed in the oven – from apples and pears to creme brûlée and chicken – had the same thing in common, they were just so full of flavor and much juicier than normal!

When it is time to change my oven, then I would love to replace it with a steam oven like the impressive Gram oven we got to test. You know I love my fruit and veggies, so I would be thrilled to be able to easily steam them instead of boiling them to preserve nutrients or instead of baking them in a regular dry heat oven to save on the added oils. And just think of the bread I could make in one of these!! I have been told that French pastry chefs and bakers swear by steam ovens – croissants and pain au chocolat here I come ;)

If you want to try some of the beyond delicious recipes that May had put together for us, then head on over to her blog – she has posted the recipe for the pear trifle right here and for the tartlets right here! Keep an eye on her blog for the rest of them, they should be live soon! And make sure to stay tuned for my second post about our day in the kitchen, where I will also share my favorite steam oven inspired recipes ♥

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